God is Good

Tiny - Posted on 28 November 2011

"When God made you...he had a lot to do"

--Sparkling in the Sand



God is good, my auntie says when I see her.  It seems the older she gets, the younger and more alive she becomes.  She always said “God is good” but when she says it now it’s different, as if the words have turned over in her mind and before her eyes.  God is good she says while she offers you a seat at her table filled with the spices, the dishes—the adobo, gumbo, pancit, lumpia, bittermelon—the hot, sweet, bitter flavors that make up her experience, her life.


My soulful auntie who always asks if you’re hungry and always packs something for you to take home. God is good, she says, and when she says it, it isn’t intended as a commandment but rather a declaration of what is, of the sensations and emotions that pass before her eyes as life happens, as unexpected and out of sequence and as ridiculous and senseless and tragic and beautiful as it sometimes can be. 


A preacher once said, “God is in the healing business…can I get an amen somebody?”  And an elder responded: Amen and Amen.   Such is the case with my auntie.  When God made her, he must have thought of healing.  God is good.  My auntie, who phones just to “Check up on you”, to see what’s going on, going down, and what’s happening in your love life.  My Fillmore Pinay black brown flashy auntie who can dance and shoot hoops and talk circles around you while reading the writing on your face before you say a word.


God is good she says because she’s walked on this earth that sometimes ain’t so good, so nice, but always making sure she’s giving something good—a word, a touch, a laugh, a song, a poem—in a humble way, not expecting but giving.


God is good.  These words are sweeter now, more meaningful now when I see my auntie—thankful for the things she has at her table, thankful for being able to share those things--knowing she’d share even more if she had it--but it's always enough.


My auntie is occupied by these words, this phrase that goes beyond mere utterance. It is her living breathing revolution that is filled with spirit, fire, love and poetry.  The world is occupied with Occupy movements--which is important--but my auntie’s words, her life, her spirit--is what it’s about for me.  God is good...amen and amen.

This poem brought tears to my eyes and giggles from my spirit. The melody you created to sing her song is so accurate. The beautiful lady that inspired this soulful piece, has been a blessing in disguise and has brought healing to many minds, bodies and souls. Whether she knows it or not, she is from up above, and teaches peace, love and happiness simply from her existence. This rare creature understands the cycle of life and what the real life is all about. Never underestimate this lovely creature, you just may be in the presence of a real live angel...

Thank you Anthony!

this is a beautiful piece. I love the rhythm- like a heart beat- that you create with the repetition/returning to of your Aunties words: "God is good." Indeed. thank you.-anna


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