John Avalos visita a la Sala Comunitaria/John Avalos visits Community Newsroom

Tiny - Posted on 01 August 2011

Editors Note: Community Newsroom is POOR Magazine's Indigenous News-making circle. This is the poor people-led , indigenous people-led process where we produce all of our radio, video print and written media. It is open to the whole community who respect this sacred space and desire to get heard about issues impacting youth, adults and elders in poverty locally and globally. John Avalos came through as a community member. As a no-profit, very grassroots,arts organization all candidates are welcome to come to Newsroom and we are not endorsing any candidate running for office in Amerikkka.






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Juan Avalos visita a la sala comunitaria
por Ingrid DeLeon/Voces de inmigrantes/PNN

Estuve en la sala comunitaria de la Prensa POBRE, cuando mire a un señor y me almire al verlo con traje de vestir y corvata. Me asuste y dije y el quien es? Se veia amable y sonriente y al poco tiempo de estar reunidos se presento, y supe quien era.

Se trataba nada mas de Juan Avalos

Yo no podia creer, pues me parecia increible ver su rostro sonriendo con todos como si nos conociera, desde muchos años parecia estar en familia, yo lo senti como uno de los nuestros. Le hicieron algunas preguntas y el las respondio a todas. Dijo que se esta postulando para alcalde para la ciudad de San Fransisco su proposito es que esta cuidad sea para todos.

“Las comunidades y las familias de una cuidad prospera y que la gente puedan sobre vivir en paz y tranquilidad, aunque ahora soy el supervisor estoy luchando y ayudando a la gente que realmente lo necesita hago esto porque mis raises vienen de gente trabajadora.” dijo Juan Avalos.

"Y a pesar que estudie en un colejio .Para mi la gente que trabaja y lucha para sobre vivir, yo la admiro dijo Avalos yo  pongo las ideas sobre la mesa  y trabajo en las cortes luchando por la gente .

 Y eso si es cierto porque por ejemplo la Policia en vez de ayudar hasta matan  segun ellos lo hacen en defensa propia y yo he visto como por una cosa tan simple por ejemplo la Policia ve a algun borracho tirado en la calle llama  a sus compañeros y aparesen por lo menos tres patruyas con dos policias cada patruya cuantos policias son?solo por un borrachito.

Yo entiendo de Jovenes sin oportunidad que no ven el futuro, y  por ellos y para ellos quiero luchar.El dinero que gastan en las guerras deberian ser para la gente que lo nesesita y por lo menos puedan pagar sus rentas. Quizas hacer mas grandes los taxes para los que tienen mucho dinero yo creo que esto va ayudar y que la gente tengan voz.

Tenemos que empujar para hacer el cambio por ejemplo tenemos dinero para la guerra en Irak pero sin embargo se hacen recortes de escuelas y a donde se ba ese dinero? pues a la guerra y no se hace nada para cambiar.

 "Hay razones de estar en el City hall  hay cosas que quiero hacer y ya tengo planes." Dijo Juan Avalos.

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John Avalos Visits Community Newsroom
By ingrid De Leon/Voces de inmigrantes en resistencia/PNN

I was at POOR Magazine's monthly Community Newsroom in July when  I noticed a strange man wearing a suit and tie. Fightened I asked myself who is this man? He looked sincere and happy, in a few moments later after the newsroom had begun he presented himself and then it became clear who it was.

It was no more or no less than John Avalos.

I couldn’t believe it,  it was incredible seing his face in happiness as if he had known us for many years, he appeared to be around family, I felt him as one of our own. We asked him questions and he answered all of them. He said that he was running for Mayor for the city of San Francisco his goal is that this city should be for everyone.

“The communities and families should be together for one  prosperous city, so folks can survive in peace and tranquility even though today I am the supervisor I fight and help everyday those people that really need it, I do this because my roots come from a labor hardworking background," said John Avalos to all of us

He continued, "Even though I went to college. For me the people that work and fight to survive, I admire them.”  Said John Avalos. “ I put ideas on the table and work on the budget cuts fighting for the people.”

And this is true because I have seen for example the police instead of helping they murder, supposedly in self defence. I have seen how for simple things like seeing a drunk man on the streets, they call their comrades and suddenly three cop cars are there with two cops in each vehicle, how many cops are they? Just for one drunk. In reality its better to have a school for the children of the future.

I know youngsters without opportunities, they don’t see the future for them, and for them I will fight. .

“I want to have new projects and I will push to make a change. For example we have lots of money in Iraq but we make lots of cuts to education and where is this money going? To the wars and nobody does anything about this”.

I felt that he was being honest and I wait to see his support because we really need him.

Less Double Talk- A reflection on John Avalos
 by Stacey Langley-Watts, Poverty Scholar

John Avalos of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors (representing the Outer Mission and Excelsior) visited us at POOR Magazine's Community Newsroom last week.  I had heard a little about him from some friends on Facebook, but it was interesting to meet with him in person.  Though I am involved in party politics in my home state, I still don't feel that most major candidates really give a shit about what's really going on with the common people.  I didn't get that impression with John Avalos.  He's been involved in activism since his days as a labor organizer with the Justice for Janitors Campaign of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1877, which won union members affordable health care and wages to support their families.  Avalos comes from a working-class background himself, though he was among the first generation of his family to attend a four-year university, graduating from UC Santa Barbara and then receiving a master’s degree in social work from San Francisco State University.

He seemed like someone that had a real concern for better community conditions, and he told me that he wanted to fight "a war on poverty", increase opportunities for San Franciscans, and make San Francisco a more livable and sustainable place.  He said that power, money, and access create laws, and that it "takes a lot of organizing" for change, because people are resistant to it.  He also believes in the "inside/outside" strategy of working in politics, to which I can relate.

In his term as Supervisor, Avalos has been involved with passing the country’s strongest local hiring legislation.  Coming from a state that doesn't give a crap about job creation, I was impressed when he discussed that.  He has also fought to save city programs affecting elders and children from the budget ax.

He also seemed concerned about the immigrant community.  He told us, "They have an ally in me."  In response to a question regarding squatting, he mentioned that he could not legalize squatting, but said "I could see not doing anything about it."

We asked him about gentrification, and he seemed like he didn't want to answer the question.  I didn't really understand his answer, being unfamiliar with San Francisco geography, but I got the impression that he was dancing around the topic.  He did discuss how some communities are improving and that we need to look at the conditions that lead to violence.  He added that he wants the police in his district to "get out of their cars and get on their feet".

It seems to me that Avalos cares about the local community, and uses less double talk than most politicians I have met over the years.  Nobody's perfect in politics, but he looks like someone with whom our community can sit down and discuss the issues important to us.


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