Poison on Our Plate-The Introduction- A Public Education Project of POOR Magazine

Tiny - Posted on 26 July 2011

From several hundred pesticides and toxic levels of radiation in our air and water, to poisons and frog genes in our milk and tomatoes, the youth and adult skolaz in the Revolutionary Youth Media Education (RYME) & PeopleSkool Summer Session of 2011 uncovered frightening facts about the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink every day in the US.

As a poverty skolar and mama, I facilitated the launch of this multi-generational, project based learning curriculum after I noticed that Burger King and other fast food chains now accept EBT Cards (Food stamp cards) tempting more poor children and over-worked families like me to eat fast food every day, while diabetes and heart disease rates soar in poor communities of color, illnesses that directly correlate with eating too much sugar, fat and salt found in mass amounts in fast food and bulk discount markets.

Tony Robles, POOR Magazine’s co-editor also added to the curriculum with some of the content from Eric Schlosser’s excellent book “Fast Food Nation, The Dark side of the All-American meal”, a book that exposes the devastating costs to society levied by the fast food industry—costs that include damage to people’s health, the environment and the unprecedented push at marketing to children—the blueprint that was created by Walt Disney and McDonald’s long time CEO Ray Croc.

Fast Food Nation and the findings of the youth and adult skolaz led us to the door of the humble, yet revolutionary Eric Mar, a San Francisco Board supervisor and father who launched a legislation to halt toy giveaways to children by fast food restaurants. Poison on Our plate enabled the RYME youth leaders and poor mamaz and daddys and elders @ PeopleSkool to learn the implications on our body from fast food as well as dangerous levels of toxins in our air and water, including the rise in radiation, especially after the tragedy of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster which had a direct impact on the levels of radiation in our air and water in California, a fact that never gets reported by corporate media.

Finally, there is no simple answer to this complex issue of consuming unhealthy food, water and air, and its not as simple as becoming a vegetarian or shopping at “Whole Paycheck” and other over-priced so-called “healthy stores” ; but it launched a revolutionary intergenerational conversation that is extremely important for communities of color and young folks to be having in the 21st century. For POOR Magazine, this project inspired us even more to work on localizing our food production and create long-term sustainable food security solutions like the launching of a community garden and a farmers market at the future site of HOMEFULNESS in East Oakland

Click on this link to read the Youth Skolaz RYME Reports and Watch the PNN-TV coverage


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