Shelter Beds Are NOT Housing- the Fair Shelter Act - a PNN report

Tiny - Posted on 18 July 2011

Trying to get Government Assistance ( welfare) wasn’t what I had in mind waiting to be released from prison. Sitting in that cell I pictured myself setting tile, building homes, or maybe even washing dishes, to get my life on track, make some money, and start being a part of my daughters’ life . Yes, I thought that I would do most any job, so long as it wasn’t illegal, to be there like a father should.

  When the reality of my situation finally took hold after innumerable phone calls, resumes and ‘yeah right ‘ looks, when the part about prior felonies emerged in the conversation, I decided to try to temporarily try to get G.A.. .. just until I could find work.     I still hadn’t given up on hope that something would come my way, but the pressure was on.

   I applied for food stamps and received them. Needed them, too!  Every month left me a zero balance way before the end of the month, and I was unable to purchase the basic hygiene items like toilet paper, deodorant,  toothpaste and toothbrush, razors, soap, and necessary items like clothing, and detergent to wash the clothing in.

   I decided to apply for G.A. then and there when I needed to buy some shoes.   Discouraged by my prospects already, and expecting this too to be another dead end , I found myself well prepared for the experience.

 The tricks and turns of public assistance proved to be enough to thwart my best efforts to obtain financial aid in Solano County in 2008, and 3 years later in San Francisco the powers that be haven’t made things any simpler.

Last week the San Francisco board of Supervisors met to hear a proposal for the upcoming November election called the Fair Shelter Initiative, which if passed would return General Assistance dollars to 500  san Franciscans without homes who are lucky enough to have been granted their claims for G.A. Now known as C.A.A.P.

This measure, if passed in November, would return the funds, redirected by the ‘care not cash ’ initiative, to the homeless receiving benefits from C.A.A.P. Homeless men and Women in San Francisco.

   In 2002 , Measure “N” or the ‘care not cash’ measure took Cash aid going to people without homes and gave it to shelters in San Francisco like the Tenderloin Housing Clinic (T.H.C.)  run by Randy Shaw. T.H.C. gets the lions share of the  ‘care funds for reserving beds in its’ shelters. Actually those beds represent 40% of the available beds in the shelters receiving ‘care not cash’ funds when the percent of houseless persons receiving funds is something like 8% according to the Fog City Journal.. Nearly one third of the total beds available for the homeless in our city are being reserved for 8% of the homeless. 

   During last weeks’ meeting one might expect that Local Poverty Pimps and so-called “affordable housing developers” will have some very smooth talking to present his case for the over $ 150K every month in withheld ‘care not cash’ funds ..

  The money that should be being spent by homeless people receiving aid.

  The money that people need for “items like toilet paper, deodorant,  toothpaste and toothbrush, razors, soap, and necessary items like clothing, and detergent to wash the clothing in.”

   The money that for almost a decade local poverty pimps have been collecting instead of it going to people who need it, and are entitled to it.

    I finally gave up trying to get G.A. but I might try again, because my need has only grown , 3 years and two stays in prison later. I just hope that if my claim is honored, that my money get to me, and not a poverty pimp.

    I doubt they need it as badly as I do. you really need to rip them off for more now that you're out?

I would gladly give my taxes to vulnerable populations, such as ex-convicts, the mentally ill, substance using persons, and homeless individuals trying to survive. As a taxpayer, I hate to see my money go to buy arms to kill civilians in countries across the world while simultaneously feeding and housing their killers (aka "servicemen.")

What is the point of a taxpayer? to fund a government. What type of economic government structure do we have? A Welfare Capitalist state: one designed to reward creativity and success as well as provide welfare and provisions to those who are marginalized by various socioeconomic factors.

Clearly, you know nothing about economics, government, or civility.

...if I understand you correctly, you would rather have your tax dollars go to support convicted criminals than to pay the soldiers who protect our country. Well, you're certainly enititled to that opinion -- thanks, ironically, to those you refer to as the killers of civilians.
But what I'm curious about is, do you really consider the mentally ill and the homeless to be in the same category as ex-cons and drug users?
I'm sorry, but whereas you say I know nothing about economics, government, or civility, I am forced to conclude that you know nothing about anything.
By the way, when you call yourself a taxpayer, do you mean that you're one of the roughly 50% of employed adults who pays more income tax than he/she gets back at the end of the year? Just wondering.

this stupid uneducated man, only hate and waste of time comes from his comments. Even if he has 19 years of "education" Unless he starts writing differently he is exposed as a person who shit talks anything progressive. So be it. Tax payer my ass.

...the answer to my last question is "yes."
It's funny that you advise others to ignore me, when you clearly can't bring yourself to do so.
Sorry, but I will not be writing differently any time soon, and as for the "tax payer my ass" comment, I only wish I WASN'T on the hook to support the likes of you.

Michael Glynn is right on target when it comes to giving the cash to the GA recipient, until a clean, safe and affordable bed is a sure thing for the house-challenged person is offered.

Foods stamps at the current level can get you going but not feed you for the whole of the month. San Francisco's Board of Supervisors, want to create every law imaginable to keep people off the streets that do not meet their idea of an acceptable person. Worry little about clean, safe, accessable toilets for even the local resident, tourist, let alone, the house-less.

If you don't want urine, feces, and every bodily fluid, out on the streets of all your districts, build the necessary toilets that are sorely needed all around town.

Trash cans and water fountains wouldn't kill them either. Don't expect a clean, safe, organized city, if you are doing all you can to create the obvious problems that people in a horrible economy can expect to encounter.

Support students by giving them the necessary tools to get out of poverty, get jobs in the health care industry and every career that will be needed for all the people living in San Francisco.

Thank God for poor magazine and peopleskool !

good job

Thank You!


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