Four Questions For BART: A Poem

Redbeardedguy - Posted on 15 July 2011

Do I want to know if there is a bullet with my name on it?
Is there a man in a uniform with a destiny connected to me?
Will he put that bullet in a gun  and shoot me dead because
I raised my voice to ask why I am being confronted by him?
Will it matter to me that my face stares at a room full of art
resisting men like him, wearing uniforms like his, shooting
guns like his at random people like me?

Forgive Yourself is a great way to start,then let's travel with instruments that touch every-walk,flags that cover our-planet with ideals that Harvest with time.
The Ideal of change is a dare due to peers and beyond the environment of music ,gathering,family,in mainstream is out-kast in a bond of red-tape forming the foundation of a Displacement Act.
The Strings, Wind & Percussion play a major part in our lives and it read the good/ bad of our present day harm-reduction projects are well over due just as treatment of some,who live in the crack of displacement and heal and to showcase what can Forgive can Heal and this is You.


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