Daily Outrages: Kkkapitalism Causes Cancer--Stand Up To Kkkapitalism!

Redbeardedguy - Posted on 14 July 2011

The Major League Baseball All-Star Game broadcast devoted a few moments of silence to the Stand Up To Cancer campaign.  Jason Smith of ESPN Radio has had a few things to say about women and Cancer in Amerikkka after the game and the night after it too. 

Cancer is still something we are all told we must worry about at different ages for men and women.  Boatloads of money are raised for Cancer charities and spent on Cancer research, though some of the most lethal forms of Cancer are less terrifying than they were even 20 years ago.  Is Cancer still a big mystery?

There are so many Cancer-causing chemicals in our daily lives it shouldn't be a mystery at all.  Chemicals like DDT (not Cancer, but still a big deal chemical no-no) were eventually banned in Amerikkka but are still used in the "Third World".  Terry Tempest Williams, author of Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place, wrote of being a member of "The League of One-Breasted Women" after her mother got breast cancer--but she is also a "Down-Winder", one of many people who lived down-wind from the above-ground nuclear weapons-exploding Nevada Test Site.  Now we get to know, first-hand, again, what it means for all of us to feel like a Down-Winder after the earthquake in Japan and the Fukushima radiation leaks.

Poor people in Amerikkka have been exposed to lead in paint, alcohol and cigarettes on virtually every street corner of the 'hood, toxic chemicalsin make-up and house-hold cleaning products--you name it, po' folks use it and have to because the "Green" alternatives are expensive.  When you have to choose between paying bills and eating, house-hold maintenance choices are as "easy" to make.

Kkkapitalism Causes Cancer when using a cheaper chemical that causes it is the profitable thing to do.  We could, today, be thinking of Cancer as something our ancestors worried about, but the pressure to make profits, create jobs, and "Green the world" too isn't doing much to make Cancer a dim memory.

Cancer runs and walks and other charity events drain energy away from the real threat to our health:  Kkkapitalism.  Stand Up To Kkkapitalism and lot of items like Cancer WILL be a memory.


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