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Tiny - Posted on 25 June 2011











Well, I'm a hoofer's daughter and that's what I'll be.
I shuffled my way to Asheville, N.C.
Up into the mountains and across the hills
and byways...

I can hear him count, tap two, three, four,
“Now that's what I've been looking for.
Practice your steps and you'll go far,
my dear.”

I went back home the other day;
made my way back to the Frisco Bay.
"Daddy can you show me how you shuffle and slide,
not too long and not too wide.”

"And Daddy won't you show me how Bojangles did It."
"You'd better hurry daughter, cause I only got a minute.
Got to get back to work and drive that Muni Bus

Cause I'm a hoofer's daughter and I'm proud to be;
Still shuffling my way through Asheville, N.C.
And up here in the mountains where the bears roam free,
I can still hear tap, one, two, three.

Lyrics by: Florence R. Mayberry
Bat Cave, North Carolina
June 15, 2011

Flo, you just never stop surprising us with your creativity! Do you sing your works? Would love to hear from you. Flo Ball especially wants to hear from you. Donna Carver carverdvc1 at


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