THE MAY 9, 2011, EDUCATION BUDGET PROTEST IN SAKKKRAMENTO, KKKALIFORNIA (Why Do You Have To Get Arrested To Get Decent Health Care In Amerikkka?)

Redbeardedguy - Posted on 14 May 2011

Bruce Allison and Thornton Kimes

The Protest

We left the San Francisco City College Mission Campus at 12 Noon, heading up Highway 80 to Sakkkramento.  We took sleeping bags--our plan, if everything went in our favor, was to have someone rush them into the state capitol building at the last second.  Along with teachers, college and high school students went to the protest.

Two protesters had already started the action when we arrived, so the California Highway Patrol (CHP) was already on high alert.  People were also posing with the massive $100,000 bear sculpture that Arnold Schwarzenegger bequeathed to the hallway outside the Governor's office. 

Six p.m. came quickly.  Two other random acts of demonstrating about budget cuts happened before we officially got going.  Zero hour came.  This poverty skolah is large, and can sneak more stuff in than a skinny person (including a CA Teachers Association banner...).  It is forbidden to bring banners inside the capitol building.

Let me explain why I gave the teachers union an "F".  The union, which called for the demo, began forcing teachers to leave while the official protester teachers were threatened with fines. 

"Education should be free!"  "K to PHd should be free!" were two of the protest chants.  I believe I saw the same camera man 12 times as we marched past the statue of Eureka, a goddess on the state seal.  The Highway Patrol began telling us we should leave, it was our last chance to leave freely before being arrested.

We began a teach-in.  I was sitting listening at first.  I asked the students: "Who wants a free education at any of the state's colleges?  That isn't a myth--it was real when I was your age.  It was real during the Depression!  Charging a 1% tax on any corporation, partnership, or person that earns $1 million or more a year would not hurt anyone and make college/university educations free again.

The Highway Patrol gave us 5 minutes to leave or go to jail.  The citation they gave me cites "602Q PC: Failure to leave a state building".  The situation began to feel like a Woody Allen movie ("Take the Money and Run"). The senior officer present made sure his CHP officers were as non-violent and polite as possible.

Why Do You Have To Get Arrested To Get Decent Health Care?

Sitting on the ground outside the CHP station was hard for me.  I was given a chair--other Po'Lice departments haven't been that courteous and nice, treating protesters like cattle. 

One student had food and shared it.  The CHP officer managing the students cut her plastic cuffs and said he was happy to let her do that as long as she (wink-wink) didn't escape custody.  One of the teachers said some of the officers have kids the same age and understood how to behave with them.

There was a Sacramento Po'Lice officer present who wasn't so nice.  A CHP officer showed up with a drunk yuppy who was driving a BMW.  The drunk guy was rude, as was a Sacramento Po'Lice officer who happened to be there--the CHP officers on duty at the station weren't.   

I started out in plastic cuffs, graduating to metal ones (which I, and most people would prefer to wear if circumstances require them...) so I could go the bathroom.  We were taken to see a nurse, as everyone arrested by the CHP does.  My foot was infected from cuts that happened earlier in the week.  The nurse was very concerned when she saw this.

She ordered the CHP to take me to a hospital and have me released.  I was taken to UC Davis.  Why do you have to get arrested to get decent health care in Amerikkka?

I was at UC Davis for six hours before having my foot looked at and treated (in a brand-new hospital).  I was given an antibiotic shot and two different pills.  On the way to downtown Sacramento I called Tiny.  I took Amtrak back to San Francisco and slept for 16 hours. 


'"Education should be free!" "K to PHd should be free!" were two of the protest chants.'
OK, let's explore that. Logically, then, teachers and professors should donate their time, and work for free. As should custodians,cafeteria workers, etc., and, of course, the contractors and construction workers who build and maintain school buildings.
But, wait, all this can be paid for by a 1% tax on corporations and partnerships earning more than $1,000,000, right? I seriously doubt the accuracy of that assertion, but let's say, for the sake of argument, that it is correct. Granted, a 1% tax doesn't sound like much, but what about all those other causes you demand be funded by the taxpayer? Healthcare, childcare, welfare, subsidized housing, free legal representation, etc., etc., etc. Exactly how many 1% increments will satisfy you? And exactly how many 1% increments do you think the "rich" will put up with before they start sending their wealth, and the jobs their wealth creates, overseas? But that will never happen, right?'re complaining because the MAN treated you decently when you were arrested. (I'd hate to think what you would have said if you hadn't been given the healthcare you got.)
And for the record, is it possible that CA might have the resources to give more people healthcare if it wasn't having to waste time dealing with prople like yourself, who insist on engaging on pointless protests? Think about it.

dumbing down america is the plan of the corporate masters. they don't want us learning math, english, history or medicine. once lacking in basic living skills we're relegated to hi-tech subjugation.

when the people arrive to demand a future, and are arrested, and treated like peasants, then america is at risk.

i am surprised at 'anonymous' for lacking respect for the police nurse's opinion. company doctors are horrible, and police nurses usually are cold, so if one actually sends you to the hospital, things are serious.

if anonymous wants to study the budget they'd be surprised at how much cops get in overtime at hospital runs. honest medical care for anybody can be reasonable prices, but five guards to sit six hours adds up.

single payer healthcare, now!

The protests aren't pointless to the people protesting, especially the students affected by education budget cuts. You must not have read other articles on this site about the constant Budget Brawl In City Hall in San Francisco where, among other things, money for medical care for poor people was constantly under attack by Gavin Newsom...

Or, rather, let your own experience set you straight: exactly how have all of these protests changed the way the State of California does business?


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