El Mosquito Kills Drone that Killed Osama Bin Laden.... and thousands of mamas, babies and elders in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Palestine and Pakistan

Tiny - Posted on 02 May 2011

El Mosquito, panhandler by day, superhero by night, speaker of over 370 lost indigenous languages and protector of all indigenous and poor peoples across Pachamama kills the drone that killed thousands of poor mothers, babies, and elders from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and Palestine.


This drone is the same drone that is well-known for allegedly killing the multi-billionaire known as Osama Bin Laden, son of a family who had ties to the Bush and Cheney Dynasty, and became the corporate rationale for the launching of hundreds of illegal and unjust wars across the globe and billion dollar contracts with private military corporations such as Blackwater and Halliburton


Before El Mosquito intervened "The Drone" (known as "the beast of Kandahar") was poised to launch yet another murderous air-strike on a small village in Pakistan which would have resulted in the death of hundreds of indigenous Pakistani farmers labeled and profiled by Corporate and Independent media as “terrorist insurgents”


El Mosquito is available for personal appearances and emergency response actions at pending evictions, foreclosure sales, gang injunction proceedings, budget genocide proposals and school closures in a poor community of color near you


El Mosquito is a revolutionary PeoplesHero created for TEAM POOR of POOR Magazine in 1998 by Eddie Camacho and Tiny (Lisa Gray-Garcia). We are currently searching  for a conscious game designer to turn TEAM POOR into an interactive game

How appropriate that the "revolutionary people's hero" should be a blood-sucking parasite taking its unwilling "host" for all that it can get. Sort of like the supporters of Poor Magazine via a vis the taxpayers. (You have heard of "taxpayers," right? They're the ones who subsidize the welfare payments that you whine about being inadequate.) Did it ever occur to Eddy & Tiny to create a superhero who was self-sufficient, and held a paying job? I thought not.

Tell the truth El Mosquito!

Because everything we have heard from you so far is crap.


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