Slum Lord Millionare

Lola Bean - Posted on 29 March 2011

On one rainy night Jan. 2011, my eyes was wide open like pan fried eggs. My pupils burned like hot sauce and fogged up like steamy shower doors. Apartment tenants slammed doors all night long to early morning hours when the birds started to sing. Loud voices of party prowlers penetrated the paper thin walls. Thump! Thump! Thump! the sound of heavy feet running over head shook me out of what little three minute sleep I manage to steal. SCREAM! How did a once nice peaceful studio apartment turn to a horrilble hub of hell? I FEEL THE FIRE OF THE SLUM LORD MILLIONAIRE SPELL!!!        

Wikipedia's definition of slumlord:

"A slumlord (also spelled slum lord) is a derogatory term for landlords, generally absentee landlords, who attempt to maximize profit by minimizing spending on property maintenance, often in deteriorating neighborhoods. They may need to charge lower than market rent to tenants. Severe housing shortages allow slumlords to charge higher rents.    " Wikipedia definition for millionaire: "A millionaire (originally and sometimes still millionnaire[1]) is an individual whose net worth or wealth is equal to or exceeds one million units of currency. It can also be a person who owns one million units of currency in a bank account or savings account. Depending on the currency, a certain level of prestige is associated with being a millionaire, which makes that amount of wealth a goal for some, and almost unattainable for others."

Mis management and slum lord practice goes together like freezing temperatures and icicles. The slum lord only care about collecting the rent money.The tenants safety, security and privacy are put in the hands of an unqualified, arrogant, and dishonest apartment managers. The slum lord hires the jerks to save money. It will cost him more to hire a real qualified manager with a good record.One dreary day I fell to sleep while I was watching television,I was woke up by a snooping female apartment manager who had the master key to all of the apartments, I was woke up to the noise of her opening my door. She didn't knock on my door at all. When I asked her what was she doing she just said, " sorry "! Then like a psycho, she slammed the door hard.  That was scary as a Stephen King stalker. I was as happy as the three stoogies when she quit and ran off to cow girl heaven.

The happiness didn't last too long, her left behind boyfriend from hell became the new manager.. His management skills stank like dead skunk breathe. Constantly the toilet, shower,washer,or dryers stayed broken down so much it became a habit ,expect bad news anytime.Party purgers threw up on the bathroom wall and floor,it took hours before the jaintor came to clean it up. Janitors was hard to keep on the job . They blew away like dust in a storm, maybe the bad -mouth graffitti on the walls scared them off in the sunset. I knew that one day things would get out of control like a loin in New York steak house.

Many times I came home from work and noticed that my apartment had been searched. I knew I wasn't the only one when an african american tenant yeled at the manager about his room being violated. Later many other tenats spoke of their apartments being searched while they was out working.    When I reseaarched the law about the landlord entering your apartment it stated:
"He is supposed to notify you 24 hours in advance if he needs to enter your home for any business connected to the renovation/repair of his property. If he does not notify you, you need to notify him IN WRITING that he is violating the privacy laws and that you can and will take him to court to prevent his "snooping" in your personal/private affairs. I would be certain, however, that he is indeed the one who is responsible for releasing personal information without your consent."

3AM one morning, I was woken up by some one click-click-clicking my lock to my apartment door. I sat up and yell, " You got the wrong door! " The click-click-clicking got more insane. I yell, "You got the wrong door!" The click-click-clicking went into overdrive. finally my patience RAN OUT LIKE COLD BEER at a frat house party. I snatched the door open, there stood a 6'4" frankenstien home invader who push my door open, babbling " this my roooor ooom. "I snapped into survivor mode and slamed the door. Some how he stuck his head in the door jamb . I increased my strenght and his head was crushed vice-like. His eyes gut big and then he dashed off down the creepy hallway. I told the manager abouy the incedent : he ignored me, He never tighten up srecurity for the tenants safety.

Racial tensuon grew and tenants didn't respect their neighbors safety, security, or privacy.   On the internet, Criminal Justice Tntervention stated:  "  Harassment is a crime. If proven, depending on the severity and frequency of the conduct and the harasser's prior criminal record, harassment can be punishable as either a gross misdemeanor or a felony. Harassment can mean many things. It can refer to the actions of a person (or group) who is repeatedly sending you threatening letters, calling you on the phone, or repeatedly sending you unwanted gifts. It can also involve behavior such as following you, watching you, and coming to your place of work or home. This behavior is commonly referred to as "stalking". Harassment can also include intentionally exposing you to materials which the harasser knows, or has reason to know, are culturally offensive or intimidating to you."

The land lord becomeds a millinaire while the tenants dignity and morals fades and dissapears.

The srange thing is that I found more safety and security while living in a shelter. I get enough sleep at night and get to work on time.

And I save my money so I can find a better place to live in the future.  Here are some helpful links to click for more information.

"The srange thing is that I found more safety and security while living in a shelter. I get enough sleep at night and get to work on time."

An excuse for staying there?


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