Who Are They Fooling?

Lola Bean - Posted on 29 March 2011

...will add audio later...

When I was fifteen I dreamed about being 21

Couldn't wait for that freedom

My own place would be so much fun

But when I left my gardenland of childhood bliss

You know I never thought I

Would have so much to miss...


Why didn't anybody tell me

All those things I needed to know

Why did they fill me

With meaningless innuendos

I coulda done so much better

If I'd've only known what I was doing

It only hurts us all

Who are they fooling?

When I left high school

I still had the better part of my dreams

Only three years later

I was falling apart at the seams

Well, did I know the year

--they wanna know

Did I know who was President

(like it really mattered)

Did I know who I was--ha!

I hardly knew how to pay the rent---


Oh, I was

Too smart to die

I was too dumb to see

That if I had a baby

The government would take them

Away from me

They said I didn't know how to handle


I'm just a bit too unorthodox--

--in the end, they took all three------

from me...             (scream)

So, for those of you who're

Out   there   now

With young minds and young dreams

Don't get hooked on the future

Because it might not be as great as it seems

...nice poem, but how does it make you different form every other kid who ever lived, and then learned?

First of all, you misspelled "from" ("form"); second of all, I didn't say I was different, I'm just the one asking the questions, on behalf of myself as well as anyone else who feels slighted unfairly by The System. This poem isn't meant to be "nice..." it is about being horribly mistreated and misjudged. C.M. Condeff.

Sorry I misspelled "from," but the original question remains. You feel you've been "horribly mistreatd and misjudged," but so does every teenager who has ever lived. What makes you so special?


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