Our Journey Began with You and Me: In Honor of Mama Dee.

Mad Man Marlon - Posted on 11 March 2011










Above, always I hear your call, and cry out

"Without Mama Dee, whom there would be no me!"

Our journey began with you and me

At twelve, you gave me air to breath

Asleep side by side, in storefronts parking lots,

in our very car, resting our feet

Our journey began with you and me

Fully grown with community, collective voices, and cultures

Every "I" voice silencing every vulture

Smiling, proud, holding you as seen on our wall for all

Ashes alongside each ancestor above, pleased of your praises

Hold the line, share the wealth/health of communities below,

and have faith,

Homefullness heading your way!

Our journey began with you and me............from Mama Dee

"Lisa, I left............. but never departed from you.

Luminous light, spiritual sunset, sky no longer gray

You were always my day, still are my day. That's all I want to say"


"Mama Dee's spirit is an ethereal light to all dark tunnels around us, and within ourselves. It empowers our efforts to eliminate the inequities in our communities, locally and globally."

Marlon Crump

And is she proud that her daughter and her publication support the dictator of Lybia?

Mama Dee always support Tiny. Imperialism is imperialism, and resistance is resistance. Guess what wins in the end? True love never dies or dries. You should try it sometime, and not waste your time on ill-feelings and bitterness.


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