Its Gonna Be Okay... a poem for Manong Al Robles

Tiny - Posted on 01 March 2011

itʼs gonna be okay

youʼre in our dreams now
like you were back in the day
easing through the troubles
sticking to us like barnacles on old ships
on the high and deepest seas.


okay now, itʼs gonna be okay
the whisper. the promise

you move through the dreams now
like golden wind through the gate
easing past the bridge you crossed
from marin to chinatown
over the scattered ashes of bob kaufman on the bay

itʼs gonna be okay now
the whisper. the promise

you're in the imagination
spinning dreams and sending them off in repetition
like the n judah or california express, round and round
transportation for the soul
the city still loves you, more now then ever

" sightings:

       i saw you in new orleans
       in the 9th district at sunrise
       building houses where mold still clings to rotting wood
       felix was eating crayfish fish and dinuquan

       i saw you in somalia
       in a lost village away from the cameras
       bathing a little boy alone and forgotten
       mama de la cruz was grilling goat meat on an old typewriter

       i saw you in washington dc
       in foggy bottom
       waiting for the NEA to remember what art means to us
       Tino was cutting the hair of a congressional bus boy

       i saw you at the base in 29 palms
       whispering to some marine who was scared of tomorrow
       he was leaving for afghanistan at the stroke of midnight
       carlos b was stirring some stew of second thoughts

       I saw you in cairo
       in midan tahrir, liberation square, on the seventh day
       eating with those already beaten, but still ready for change
       freddy was playing the banjo in praise of Allah and Jesus

       i saw you in the morning
       laughing as people began to wake
       slipping away into the stars where you write tomorrows dreams
       wahat was waiting for you with some donuts and green tea

itʼs gonna be okay now
the whisper. the promise

tomorrow is just another day
but today is your blessing in disguise

norman jayo
feb 2011
for brother Alʼs birthday
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nice :)))

it's really help ..

bobo naman, iba hinahanap ko

bobo naman, iba hinahanap ko

hehheheheh i like thT poem



maganda na poem\

nice poem

it's inspirational~!!! ;DD


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