Mike Singletary Should Not Have Been Fired

Tiny - Posted on 28 December 2010

I wasn’t supposed to write this article- in fact, I was actively discouraged by someone I love in the deepest way. “You can’t write an article about (SF 49ers coach)  Mike Singletary’s firing," said Tony Robles, POOR Magazine’s co-editor and dedicated fan. I just didn't understand the basic tenets of football, winning rules all, i was informed. and he wasn't "winning".

But here I am, because some things must be said. Mike Singletary shouldn’t have been fired. He is a great and loyal son, a loving and wonderful father and a dedicated and true husband. I hear the minions of football expert’s reading this shaking their heads in disgusted wonder collectively saying “Sooooo.....what’s that got to do with football?" Well, maybe nothing, but it has to do with character and love and integrity and warmth and hope. And aren’t those important traits to have in football?

Don’t’ you need to have integrity to be trusted by your team? Love and honor to be trusted by the management? And warmth and caring for all people to be respected by the fans?

Perhaps no. After-all US football is a multi-milllion dollar corporate enterprise fueled by  capitalist values of "in with the old- out with the new" and, "nothing matters except winning" There is no space, time or budget for feelings, loving your mama, your wife or your children. 

Its true I just got involved in football three years ago when Tony took me to a superbowl party. He  painstakingly showed me what all the scores meant for each season, he described what a “play" was and why it was important. He ran down the reasons that some teams win and some teams lose. He even went so far as to compare my leadership in the work I do with family and community with some famous quarterbacks. He and his best friend are consummate and dedicated fans and I have to say through his eyes, I began to love the sport. Which is why I had to weigh in on the recent firing of Mike Singletary

Before I even knew his personal story, there was something about Singletary that I liked He seemed to be real in a way that reached beyond the corporate veneer of US Football and touched my heart. And my mama raised me to listen deeply to my heart. Then I read a story about him being the youngest son of 10 children of a single mama who struggled to raise her children alone, with brothers in struggle in the criminal Injustice system and Singletary's deep respect and love of his mama and his elders. Add to all of that he is dedicated to his wife, his children and works hard and consistently to portray an image of a decent and spiritual man in a  corporate media/ crafted sports world that often glamorizes young men and especially young men of color as absent fathers with substance use issues and multiple babymamas

Which is why I feel so bad about his recent firing. How much is integrity and honor worth in the world of football? Very little, I guess. So I am  weighing in with a different football proposal. How about keeping him on as a coach and hiring a co-coach. How about bringing all the football scholars in the 49ers together and collectively thinking through how to win the next season and the next and the next. How bout bringing football closer to its indigenous roots of rugby and other early forms of football that were competitive but also operated with deep rooted cultural ideology and ethics

I know, I have seen those really mean, rock faced guys who are in the hall of fame and are seen as the “best” coaches of all time, but in a world where so many young folks are dealing with violence, peer pressure, drugs, and superficial pop culture empty-ness, how important is it to value, honor and uphold a man of color who struggled through  poverty and a racist US culture to become a great father, son, husband and dare I say it, a great human.?

watching football reminds me of how barbaric mankind is
don't forget the excessive head injures the players get
and many have become homeless
because of the head injures

we as a country are willing to
over look cheating to win
understand the whistle blowers
many of which lose jobs etc
look at the banking schemes
saving and loan and today
the people that do wrong rarely
receive punishment
(what bout the people that were responsible
to keeping us safe from 911 )
we've come a long way from the values that
made our society great

no one has submitted facts to prove
he was a bad or good coach

from what little i've read
he has some abstract ideas
that did not get a chance to be put in place

two years to build a foot ball team
not enough time

Wow! that was a really dumb article

try lookin in the mirror...(you'll find lots of x's and o's--mostly o's)

I disgree with this article. Football has been working fine and is a great opportunity for men of all races. Mr. Singletary got a fair chance and wasn't winning. He was treated the same way as all other coaches.

A first time coach wasnt even given a full 2 seasons to implement and work out a new system. He probably will never get a chance to head coach again in the NFL, where as his white counterparts continue to get second and third chances based on the same track record. I think he should have been given a chance to succeed. A real one.

The author doesn't know anything about football, and neither do you. Singletary wasn't just a bad coach, he was a terrible coach. There's no shame in that, it's a difficult job. But it is what it is, and trying to turn this into a race thing only reveals your utter ignorance of football. Now drop it and let the man leave in dignity.

"The uncontested absurdities of today are the accepted slogans of tomorrow." -- Ayn Rand

it's obvious you didn't read this article...but rather, you read "yourself" into it with haughtiness and arrogance that is typical of an average american sports fan--over opinionated and obnoxious, having never laced on a pair of cleats. You should try to get a job with Fox.

It's obvious YOU didn't read this article. The author makes it clear he doesn't understand the sport, and didn't play it. I have? Have you? Clearly not. You see this issue as little more than a tool for spreading lies and hate, rather than having any respect for the individuals and facts involved. Put down your toys, stop your game of 'let's pretend' and grow up!

to say you were an obnoxious idiot...but that's kinda obvious. I got an idea, send your resume to Howie and Terry at Fox (There might be a wardrobe upgrade in it for you. HA HA HA!) The closest you ever came to playing the game is probably the madden video game while eating nachos and sipping gatorade. You are good for a laugh. Just be sure to vacuum up all those bits of nachos from your carpet (and your brain)

You never played football, did you. Seriously, what position? Name it, name what it does, describe a play. You can't, you didn't. Neither can the author. I'm calling out this right now. Right now. Name your position.

quit your day job (if you have one)...BOZO

...I have one? I have TWO jobs. You know I'm right, hence the names, my friend.

hired you clearly overestimated his judgement

... and you underestimate your own sexism. I was hired by a woman. I bet deep down you're kind of racist, too. And you're overcompensating. Do your friends know? Maybe you should take some sensitivity training or something.

you should be fired immediately

What I said to Tiny (aka LISA GRAY-GARCIA) is that I agree with her, although I also thought Mike Singletary shouldn't have publically promised the 49ers would make the playoffs. Lou Piniella, ex-manager of the Seattle Mariners, during a playoffs run against his old team the New York Yankees, promised the Mariners would win.

They didn't. When it became clear they were losing and about to be out of the playoffs, virtually everyone in Yankee Stadium was chanting either Lou Piniella's name or chanting something not very nice at him. Making public pronouncements about winning is risky.

What the people who've been flaming each other in comments about this article haven't done, apparently, is read the OTHER articles published here concerning sports and some of the people in them. And, to the commenter with the Ayn Rand quote, sing to an Objectivist choir, buddy, we ain't Objectivists...

I don't care if you're not objectivists. I'm completely right, and you know it. Singletary wasn't working out, and the 49ers did what had to be done.

Agreed, the author of this article is a sentimental fool and a romantic idiot with no sense of reality. He's also a racial patronizer, which makes him a racist. Black men don't need your soft, pitying and ultimately condescending...

Time has proven this article completely wrong


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