Reggie's Corner Rap - Invisibility

Lola Bean - Posted on 11 December 2010

As the year winds down to the holiday season, I look forward to the compassion and cheer that I get from the people who don't forget vendors who work hard to sell Real Change paper. They show appreciation by giving gifts, holiday cards,and bigger tips. I am thankful for their action to help.

But to be frank, most of the year, I feel like an invisible man, as people walk pass me like I am not there. Some people walk right up to me and ask for directions, the time, or what is Real Change paper is all about. If I don't answer their question in a hurry, they yell out rude comments, showing disrespect to me and my job.

One of the worst things that makes me feel like a play-toy-clown is when a person walk up to me like they are pulling out money to buy a Real Change paper, instead they are pulling out a cell phone, comb, watch,cigarettes or anything to play a joke on me.

Through the rain, sleet, snow or sunshine, I'll be there because the same person , one day will have a change of heart. That change usually comes around during the holiday season. Like a good street paper believer, I'll be there when they feel they giving spirit.

I want to wish all the street paper vendors a prosperous and happy holiday season. A time the homeless and poor are visible to the world has come once again. You know how I feel.


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