Krip-Hop Nation Presents: Black Disabled Artists, Authors, Activists & Friends for Black History Month 2011. San Francisco, CA

Leroy - Posted on 08 December 2010

Leroy Moore Jr.

Krip-Hop Nation celebrates Black Disabled Artists/Authors/Activists & Friends for a weekend (February 18-20) of readings, music, discussions and a panel all highlighting the artistic contributions of Black disabled artists/authors/activists and those who support them of yesterday and today focusing on music and literary. Author panel includes Toni Hickman of TX, , Adarro Minton of New York, Allen Jones of San Francisco and friends of Krip-Hop Nation, DC Curtis & Bones Kendall of LA. Performances will include poetry and songs by Bay Area Black disabled artists/activists, Lee Williams and Avotcja. Hip-Hop disabled artist, Roxx Da Foxx will sing from her new CD and more artists will shine up the Bay Area. Also Krip-Hop artist, activist, actor from Boston, MA, Keith Jones will talk about his new documentary and why his new Hip-Hop CD will be his last. Toni Hickman of Houston TX will perform from her Hip-Hop CD, Cripple Pretty and more. We will remember the lives and music of Bay Area Black disabled musicians/activists who passed away like Brigardo Groves, Malcolm Samuel and Joe Capers to name a few with their own music and PowerPoint program. Special surprise guests from South Africa & Uganda, DeeJay Kabia of South Africa who is disabled and has his own campaign to reach other disabled musicians and Ronnie Ronnie of Uganda who is a professional musician and is a key member of Krip-Hop Nation and more. We hope to have DeeJay Kabia in present or both will be on skype (we hope). All sponsor by Krip-Hop Nation, San Francisco Main Library, The San Francisco Bay View Newspaper, Poor Magazine & I.D.E.A.L Magazine. Events will take place at San Francisco Main Library, Modern Times Bookstore and First Christian Church, 259 29th St., Oakland and more look back for update info.

Black disabled artists, authors, and activists have always been apart of the Black community from blind blues musicians to the recent growth of Black disabled authors like Allen Jones, Adarro Minton, Gary Norris Gray, and Milan Mitchell etc.. The San Francisco Bay View newspaper is the most popular Black newspaper in the Bay Area and they’ve been committed to listening to and writing the news and stories of the Black community including the Black disabled community in the San Francisco Bay Area and elsewhere. Poor Magazine has been a strong supporter of the writings, art, music, activism of Black disabled people and the column Illin-N-Chillin was one of the first online column on race & disability. These are some of the reasons why, in conjunction with Krip-Hop Nation, we are sponsoring / organizing Black Disabled Artists, Authors & Activists for 2011 Black History Month at the San Francisco main library, Modern Times Bookstore and First Christian Church and more. Like back in the day, Black disabled musicians like Toni Hickman (with her Hip-Hop cd, Crippled Pretty), Bay Area musician and DJ, Avotcja and Modupue, (with their world music CD, Live @ Yoshi's') and Lee Williams (with his spoken word/soul CD, Phase V), to name a few, are creating their own styles.

Right here in the San Francisco Bay Area we have a rich history of Black disabled activists/musicians who have helped change the lives of local Black and disabled people. For example, men like the late Malcolm Samuel, a Black Panther poet, and the late Brigardo Groves who helped put KPOO radio station on the air and taught music to area youth. Black disabled artists, authors, and activists like the ones above and more will be coming from as far as Africa to US East Coast, Houston, TX. to here in the San Francisco Bay Area to participate in this event.

Where San Francisco Main Library, Modern Times Bookstore and First Christian Church, 259 29th St., Oakland and more.

When: Weekend of February 18th. Modern Times Bookstore on February 18t, SF Main Library February 19th
and First Christian Church, 259 29th St., Oakland on February 20th & more

Contact info: Leroy Moore (510) 649-8438 email Sponsors: Krip-Hop Nation San Francisco Bay Newspaper, Poor Magazine San Francisco Main Library and I.D.E.A.L. Magazine


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