Bruce's Ghost

cayley - Posted on 30 November 2010

Bruce Allison and Thornton Kimes

The night the first "Redstone Runaround" story was written this poverty skolar had a dream about a Japanese woman dressed in a flowing white gown, holding a lantern in each hand, floating above the street at 16th and Capp Streets (in San Francisco)--where the Redstone Building is located.  The lanterns were blue, as was the light coming from them.

I thought it was just a dream caused by being happy about getting an important story on poormagazine.  The dream came back the next night.  I thought it was a pizza dream that time.  When I had this dream for a third night in a row, I wanted to know what was going on.  I thought maybe it was the Japanese goddess Amaterasu, so I talked with some Japanese friends.

Because I described her as having no feet in the dreams, my friends said I was being visited by a ghost, not a goddess.  The spirit was trying to tell me she is okay and wants her loved ones to know it.  After the 1906 earthquake some bodies were buried with no identification, and some of them may have been labelled "Chinese" because, back then, all Asians were called "Chinese".

To send this spirit to her rightful heaven, if anyone reading this article of Japanese descent and has family history involving the 1906 earthquake and ancestors who mysteriously disappeared, please know that your ancestor is okay.  I would appreciate it if any Shinto priests or priestesses hearing about or reading this article would contact me to tell me what I can do to help this spirit move on.  You can contact me at, or write a "comment" about this article with your advice.


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