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POOR correspondent - Posted on 21 July 2010

Whew! Really difficult getting to this new site but now that I have... READ UP!


On Aug. 30 Friday, A play will commence.
Entitled Hotel Voices: Voices From Single Room
Occupancy. [SRO]Hotels

La Voz De Los Hoteles Residenciales.

Many personalities perform all reveal suffering, death,
and near death in SRO's in San Francisco. But we rep' a
a fraction of voices/voz all over the country.

Each of our player's and seriously ill have their story
to tell. There is raw reality and comedy throughout.
Me? Well, a dark stark gallows humor aspect is true with
an irony as my character(myself)in a moment of clarity
reveals to an audience and himself what to do next.

It will be night of changing contrasts which I hope the
audience enjoys and talks about but after help with
concrete solutions for SRO transitory housing to permanent

My only worry is an invisible psychic toll of reliving a
dangerous painful incident of modern day Keystone Cops
way of my dealings with cops when they confront me.
May you in the audience enjoy our efforts to entertain you.

Lastly, no added props (like I'll be listened to by
my fellow and feminine actor's/actresses)is my main worry.  

When: 7pm Friday, July 30

Where: The Redstone Building
2940 16th St., S.F.
(near Mission, Capp & 16th)

Tickets: $10
        (No one turned away for lack of funds.)

Call (415)863-6306 Space is wheelchair accessible


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