POOR correspondent - Posted on 20 July 2010

Bruce Allison and Thornton Kimes/PNN

July 20, 2010


The "Sit/Lie" law, mutated into "Civil Sidewalks", if there is any justice in this world, will create problems for just about everyone--not just homeless people.  Cafes and restaurants, which have been targeted in the past (does anyone remember the late 1990's when 24/7 doughnut shops in the Mission and Noe Valley neighborhoods were attacked by rabid bureaucrats, who also went after cafes with outside bench sitting? The doughnut shop at 16th and Mission closed, the one at 24th and Church fought back and survived.  The benches did too), should feel as threatened by Sit/Lie/Civil Sidewalks as homeless people do. 

If sidewalks are only for foot traffic, why should anyone get to stand around or sit down, even to wait for a bus?  Garage and yard sales?  Can't do that anymore.  Children are reasonable targets too, with their little outdoor tea parties, lemonade stands, and cookie sales.  Can't let them get away with that! 

Poor people housing comes with strings attached.  If you have a history of drug use and arrests for same (or almost anything), you can be thrown out of subsidized housing.  How quickly would Civil SIdewalks become another tool for the Po'Lice to use to remove a family from poor people housing for the crime of being sited for illegal use of a sidewalk?


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