More Than A Handful Is A Waste And Other B.S.

POOR correspondent - Posted on 03 April 2010

The above as with most stupid things people say probably wasn't thought through clearly
just blurted it out without thinking. Bigger is better, less is more, one size fits all, or size
matters have created mental havoc for anyone who worries about such things.

Could this have been said by some guy with really small hands like the comically
tiny handed guy in that burger ad?

Um, most women don't care, those that do most men won't measure up anyway.
Long ago most guys learn women have their standards, quirks which they rarely stray from.
All I know is whatever the deal my thinking is more than a handful is very good indeed!

Why are some females so overdeveloped they have back problems that can only be relieved by surgery or bodybuilding to strengthen their backs and ribcage, reducing fatty breast tissue. I know upper female anatomy is not merely for pleasure but for babies needing mother's milk to protect them from infectious diseases, the beginning of our socializing process.

But girls, ladies, and women, we do like your firm, veined, mounds of flesh to hold,
rest our hands, heads on. Dirty old men are young guys who were fortunate enough
to have gotten old. All that really matters to most women if they're honest and like men is,
that men be good to them in both words and deeds.

Women no longer trust talk but a man's action. Talk is cheap-action is proof.
I am 55, overweight, and like that the few female friends I know trust me.
They show me their strength, empower me to challenge my own strengths and weaknesses.

There have been warnings that I've taken to heart about weight, foods, exercise,
and stress. Travel, job/career, vocational schools. My working life has been checkered at best now as I approach an ebbing tide it behooves me to decrease my biological age as chronological age increase.

Biological beats Chronological so why not go backwards biologically as
the life extension revolution takes hold. This is an individual battle not for
the smartest, strongest, bravest, luckiest, or most intelligent but for those
choosing to live through all the upheavals and unparalleled opportunities.

Sex is a sacred act, two people share with each other even when its casual
if people have the slightest interest in each other the simple only-physical dynamic
can change dramatically. Most people act so sophisticated hiding the truth from each
other and in the process lose what meeting and meshing was all about...
Connecting with another human in the most intimate ways possible.

Is it any wonder why prostitutes, call girls, or women working the adult entertainment
industry have only contempt for men who pay them for their services.
It is a unique man that does his business, pays, letting the transaction be.

Problems happens when men fixate on one more "working women"
or a "working woman" fixate on a favored customer as she finds
more satisfaction other than monetary or sexual from a particular client.
Love, respect, affection can and do happen when its least expected.

The old Chinese proverb is now literally true "May You Live Interesting Times"
has come to past and we as a human race on a global scale are living these
interesting times.

So the bull shit about evil of men or women is just so much crud and this anti male/women
bashing is stupid and not worth anyone's time. Battle of the sexes? Whomever wins still loses.
I don't want be on either side. Stay on the side lines with most of the sane and safe people.

Honestly, sex minus love is good to great without guilt attached.
It feels good, great exercise and healthy.
Sex combined with Love is beyond the above its Life Won but to keep it
takes work, dedication, and trusting the love you've found to be and stay true;
putting aside all petty inconsequential blather, holding firm to the love found.
Hoping-against-hope never to lose only that it keeps growing between the two of you.

Life has been dull, challenging, and interesting hopefully more of the same
will continue for this hopelessly, women loving str8 man in the city of
true brotherly/sisterly love.

[We hopeless/helplessly str8 women & men living
in the city of brother-sisterly love should be able to find each other even if its
only for casual, no-guilt-sex only-buddies encounters with above all known safe
contacts that all of us can refer to each other while leaving "Sex Wars" folks alone].

I rather be on the sidelines as a prisoner among trusted feminine companions than
free on no-man's/wimmin's land on constant alert for the slightest sign of betrayal.

Live long, well, love deep, Stay true to your selves first and only then to others.


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