Heaven is in Manilatown

root - Posted on 01 January 2000

By Marlon Crump/PNN

Heaven's never hard to find
He found it the day he came
Though I knew you a short while
The legend of your strength, courage, and love stretches farther than the Nile
Heaven is now a Manila Town
The angels, elders, dearly departed, and even the birds of the air
wholeheartedly embrace you
Their arms were already open. awaiting the day that you would meet them
Heaven is now a Manila Town
The ethereal ray of light of your soul soaring through the sky can be seen by all of us...........even on the sunniest day
The might of your will to defy the evictors that enslave and oust elders, the might of your skill to bring hope to elders as the victors
Heaven is now a Manila Town
Your legacy left thousands, possibly millions to admire and acquire your inspirational courage
Heaven is now a Manila Town
I can't or won't say goodbye to you, just good luck and Godspeed in making..........Heaven a Manila Town


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