Waking Up in Hopi..From Pinay Kay

root - Posted on 10 November 2009

by Staff Writer

Waking Up in Hopi

In the physical world, we saw each other only twice.

Once when I was not awake.

Once when I woke up.

Now I never see you in the physical world.

But you are always there.

Do you remember when I woke up, there on the Mesa at Hopi?

How funny that I was to find the fish and the rice right there, on that Mesa in

But why not,

You were by my side, you and Jayo, Lou and Eddie.

All of you Manongs were right there by me.

It was no wonder I woke up.

Now you are asleep, resting, taking a break,

But, you are awake even when you are asleep.

You are still laughing, I hear you laughing and being so funny

I hear you asking me if I am writing.

I tell you I am, but I don’t have a lot of time.

You ask me, “You go to the bathroom, don’t you? Just write on the toilet paper.”

You laugh.

I write.

It scares me Al, where you might go.

Then I remember, you are no going anywhere.

The fish and the rice are inside me,

The mandolin is inside me

My father is inside me

You are inside me.

That’s just how it is

I love you Manong, I love you.

Pinay Kay


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