From Misa

root - Posted on 08 November 2009

by Staff Writer

Dear Al --

Im one of your Tule Lake friends, Misa from Oregon. Shizue and I join you and Peter in the morning to do Tai ChI and if at night youre on the piano, we join you there too.

I've got your picture -- you know the one with your finger punching the air emphasizing your words, that one is tacked up on a cherry tree right over our Sacred Fire.

I'll go out to pray every day joining the trees whose arms are already lifted up toward the sun and the birds who are already singing those prayer songs in the morning.

Shizue and I meet on the cell phone and we're sending you long distance Reiki.

I hear you are traveling and don't know where you're traveling but I know you'll let us know when you're well because you never hoard magic. You always share.

I don't know how long the recovery will be but I'll carry prayers to Mt. Shasta, to Winnemem River, to all the sacred places. Just get well soon.

You are brother to so many maybe you don't remember all of us.
But, in case, I'm Shizue's roommate, and you told me to write a poem for Tule Lake and told Shizue to bring her sheet music next time so she can sing while you played. And I've done my homework for you.

Much love and light sent your way.

Love you, Misa (Joo), Oregon


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