The 2nd Annual Poetry (Luchadores!) Battle of ALL of the Sexes on Valentines Day

root - Posted on 13 May 2009

Where: Sub-mission (formerly Balazo) 2183 Mission street @18th st/SF

When: 7:00 pm February 14th ( after party with DJ begins at 11:00)

To sign up as a contender call: 415-863-6306

(en espanol) 323-304-9084

Or email:

by Staff Writer

Valentines Day Poetry Luchadores/Wrestling Battle of ALL of the Sexes!

Your favorite revolutionary poets, media-makers, poverty scholars and cultural workers at POOR Magazine Mash-up Poetry, Gender and Wrestling for The 2nd Annual Poetry (Luchadores!) Battle of ALL of the Sexes.

The 2009 Poetry Luchadores Battle will feature famoso undefeated poet luchador/wrestlers, (also Former and Current San Francisco Poet Laureates) Devorah Major and Jack Hirschman and battles such as The Poverty Pimp vs. the welfareQUEEN, The Black Cripple vs The Govenator and The Poverty Skolah vs The Akademik!

Emcee/Referree: Javier Reyes from Colored Ink aka The Ref

Featuring undefeated champ and co-founder of POOR Magazine, Tiny Gray-Garcia aka The welfareQUEEN (author of Criminal of Poverty: Growing Up Homeless in America, one of the SF Chronicles picks for Top Memoirs of 2007), Tony Robles, aka the Revolutionary Worker Scholar, co-editor of POOR Magazine and author of Lakas and the Makibaka Hotel,(Childrens Book Press). Also Featuring 1st prize winner of 2009: Queennandi aka SuperbabyMama (author of Life, Struggle and Reflection on POOR Press) 2nd prize winner of 2008: Leroy Moore aka The BLack Kripple, founder of KRIP HOP and columnist of Illn n Chillin on POOR Magazine, James Tracy from Civil Defense Poetry, Poet, Mama Scholar and welfareQUEEN, Jewnbug, and other members of The Po'Poets Projekt and many more..

Judges: AL Robles, Genny LIm, Ananda Esteva and POOR Press author of Through the Eyes of a Child: Byron Gafford

On a day normally equated with cutesy hallmark cards, flowers and candy, challenge your partner (or future partner) to a Wrestling battle of spoken word, hip hop, poetry and/or flowetry in the ring! Singles welcome. If you dont have a partner, we will hook you up. Come with a Luchador/Wrestling Persona ( and mask) or we will create one for you!

The first, second, and third place poems will be published in The San Francisco Bay Guardian, THe SF Bayview and POOR/PNN Magazine online. Entrance fee to fight in the ring is$20; spectator fee is $10 (no one turned away for lack of funds).

All proceeds go to support POOR Magazine, a non-profit, grassroots, arts organization dedicated to providing revolutionary media access, arts education and advocacy to communities struggling with poverty and racism locally and globally.


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