After Midnite

root - Posted on 09 August 2006

Poverty Scholarship in honor of xmas 2004

by A. Faye Hicks/Po Poet Laureate

What is this World coming too

I say what is this World "Coming" Too!

People protesting

Police politiking

Riots every day

Job cuts!

Clinics closed

While the "Heads" of this situation get Richer and Richer

Robbing the Poor to pay the Rich

A "Modern Day "Robin Hood" is Our Mayer

Job Cuts

Health Cost Rising, Clinics Closed

Nurses overworked, they can’t get arise

And they are closing our clinics

Medi-Cal funds deducted from our funds

More Rough Riders Hired, aka, Police Officers

I am tired, shoved aside

You can’t side here, you are taking up space

After mid-night when the cops slow down

Do they never sleep

Off duty they will pounce

I am a "Cop" I doo"s what I wants to do!

I wondered I can you sleep on cold hard cement

I found out

I just dropped where ever I was at

After mid-night when the cops slow down

I find a soft spot, on the cement walk

My Purse my Pillow

Believe me if you wiggle and squirm long enough

You will find a Soft Spot

After mid-night

The Tourist are a bed

The Night Clubs closed

The Rough-Riders stop roughing us up

Sleep in heavenly peace

No more sirens now just snores

But ready or not here they come

At the break of dawn

Engines start up, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!

Paddy Wagons, police cars, Trucks, Vans

They will be riding "Limo’s Next

The Police swinging their Poverty Stick

It is no loner just a "Negro" Stick

Cars Zooming Up!

Ready or not here they come

Snatched up out my ‘cement Bed"

When the commuter come!

Trespassing on the sidewalk, when morning come


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