root - Posted on 24 November 2003

An Opinion Editorial

by Dee/PNN

In the Sunday, June 15th edition of the SF Chronicle, Representative Ellen Tauscher, "one of only two California democrats", is quoted as saying (regarding the war in Iraq) "I was certainly misled about Iraq being an imminent threat."

Why don't we believe this? Perhaps because Congresswoman Barbara Lee was not "misled". Why is that? Is it because she is so much smarter than Ellen Tauscher and the other North California democrat Diane Feinstein?

We don't think so - we think it is because Ellen is a stenographer; a Republicrat; a stenographer for the Bush the administration - As is that other Northern California democrat Diane Feinstein.

And now after the war, after these two gave a Blank Check to George Bush to destroy Iraq (in order to protect Israel and get control of the middle east, etc.) the only two Northern California democrats step back and say, "the devil made me do it."

Isn't this a similar scenario to WWII - didn't the germans say "we didn't know there were death camps, we were misled by the government."

Do you really believe we are fooled by your protestations of innocence - of being "misled"?

It's obvious that "the only two Northern California democrats" want to be re-elected and they want the votes of the voters who were against the war in Iraq. They want those votes so that they can return to Washington and spend more of our time and money supporting the policies of the George Bush administration.



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