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root - Posted on 03 February 2003

*The plight of Haitian refugees..

*Proposition N

*Thurgood Marshall

*Gavin Newsome, Halloween and Homelessness

by PNN Staff

A. Faye on the plight of the Haitian refugees….

A Massacre it was told…

Captives of the Caribbean from the African shores

Haiti has a bloody history

A Massacre it was told, under the whips and chains of the French

The French who flew to New Orleans

After the Haitian battles broke the chains bondage

Poverty sends its people knocking at United States door

Across the Atlantic just 27 miles away

People searching for food and freedom along the American shore

The Boat People are once again captured

But now they are not chained, but instead are sent away

But Lite-skinned and European immigrants cross these borders

So it is just blatant cruelty

That turn these Black People away…

The Written Word …

The Po’ Poet Laureate on "All the Other Poet Laureates and their needless

The written word, passed on from ancestors to their descendants

From the beginning of conversation

Spoken words between lovers, family, and friends

Until hatreds begin, now your enemy, now your friend

The word, spoken as music and song, is magical

The swaying forms dancing in heat is a mystical song

Poetry is the Blues, is singing from your Soul.

Jazz blown, is a form of this

The written word, the meeting of minds,

Should never be denied

Slaves denied Liberty is tying up the Soul

When the freedom of speech is denied, It is tying up the Mind.

The Americas live under a Banner Of Lies

The United States, Constitution guarantees

The right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness

I guess I didn’t get a warranty

Slaves coming from Glory Island, were denied the freedom of Life

Mournful Souls, thrown over board

I am drawn to the Oceans

You hear them in the waves, they were denied all freedoms

The freedom of Speech

Listen to the Whales Wail, they are the witness to this flight to Hell

Too deny the Freedom of the written word

Is to deny my right to The Pursuit of Happiness

To take the Wreath upon my Head

To chop off my Tongue

They marry me to my enemy

They alienate me from my kinfolk

To murder the Truth!

Some folks like to write white lies, myths, and tall tales

I like to dance in the Rain, and burn with passionate Fire

I like to read, and write the truth

So may I read?

Some One, Blew up America

Hilter’s Nazi murdered the Jews

European Nations enslaved the Colored People of the World

The San Francisco Giants Lost the World Series

Can I read, Big Brother!!!!!

A. Faye Hicks on Prop N;


A Noose around our necks


Political Prowess


Tighten your belts, rise your taxes, a political blow

Blow-up Bomb, Iran, Iraq

All tied with homelessness, Yes

The Billions has to come from somewhere

Tighten the noose around our necks

Poor people are tough, They can with stand starvation

With our Shelter plus Care

Shit! They withstood slavery



We can’t have the Rich paying taxes!

Take the Loot from Welfare, Workfare

Take the Loot from Medicare

What is the Back Lash

Care not Cash

Political Prowess

No! Prop N! Is Not our friend

A. Faye Hicks on: The Thurgood Marshall "Incident"

Keepin’ your Mind off the true foe

School days, School days

Those happy, carefree days

This is a beautiful melody

But these days , you need to "bite the bullet"

These days Schools are shadowed in Terrorism

Youth power, student power! Is a threat to authority

Ancient History Authority

The knee in the back authority

With break your Spirit Tactics

Before you drop out or forced out; the powers to be

Are hindering your graduation

Hindering your future potential, as citizens of America

Racking up juvenile crimes

Racking up crimes of innocence

Gangs created, and age old tactic

Confusion created, to keep your mind off your true foe

The Po,Po!

A. Faye Hicks on: Homelessness, Halloween and Gavin Newsome


Happy Halloween, Happy Halloween

Little children, Skeleton dancing, skate board, flashing

Up and down the stairwells

Shouting and laughing at the top of their lungs

Once a year the magic is clear

The black cat crosses your path

On all Hallow’s Eve

Eyes bugged out, All this for candy?

Our first addiction , Then alcohol, weed, and the drug of your choice

Trick or Treat, Don’t fool me

NO! This is all for "Monee"

It’s a Capitalist gain, a Commercial thing

Lites out behind many doors

Windows boarded up, Oh, so forlorn

Do we dare !

Tiny whispers; spooked, Is anybody home?

Little squeals in the Nite, Is any body home?

Where have all the people gone

Been herded out, locked out, locked in County Jail!

A Pumpkin Head, a wizard, a black witch, and a tattered sheet ghost

Safeway’s bag’s quivering in tiny little hands

Dressed up in Walgreen’s funnery, barely missing police man gunnery

Where have all the people gone?

Trick or Treat, It’s Halloween

And we want some Candy!!!!!

Yahoo, Yahoo

A piercing scream in the Twilight!

Beaded sweat on foreheads

Whew, what a relief

It’s just the Paddy wagon!

Rounding up the homeless drunks & and the drug addicts

Trying to get a Trick or Two, and some got damn candy!

A Celtic Holy Day, Transformed

People behind card board boxes , eating chocolate Mars bars

A wrinkled ole bag Lady, with a shopping cart, giving out some coins

And a pitiful amount candy, God bless her kind heart

Open your shopping bags and collect your Loot

Happy Halloween!

Running feet, black ski mask, purse snatch, your life trashed

It’s halloween, You crazy educated dope fiend

Liquor stores got their Candy Bowls ready

For the tricksters, the gangster, and the Buggy Crew

Now let’s go visit the haunted house

You mean this dirty old city is haunted?

Let’s take a ride on my witches broom or do you prefer muni

Let’s ride over that Black and Gold Dome

For within the hallowed hall, reside monsters, who don’t need mask

For they are Gavin Grusome and sidekick , the Mayor!


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