welfareQUEENS- Las Reinas Del welfare

welfareQUEENs The welfareQUEENS is a revolutionary group of mamaz, daughters and sons struggling with poverty, welfare, racism and disability, poor women creating art with the goal of resisting and reclaiming the racist and classist mythologies about poverty and the criminilization of poor people in Amerikkka.

Through their art, storytelling and poetry, the QUEENS' project will re-contextualize the word, welfareQUEENS, and who it refers to in a society that makes it illegal to be poor and refuses to recognize, support or legitimize the work involved in raising children With their cultural work, media activism, feature length play, and radio channel these mothers, daughters, and grandmothers, who have all struggled, survived and dealt with this ongoing oppression for years tell their stories, enact their struggles and realize their dreams of survival, thrival and resistance.


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