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Brother, Can You Spare a Crumb?- RYME Youth Skolaz Report on Budget Genocide

Brother can you spare me a crumb?
The Following reports on budget genocide were written by the Revolutionary Youth Media Education (RYME) Skolaz at POOR Magazine who attended the Bake Sale for Critical Services at City Hall in San Francisco and interviewed David Campos, SF Board Supervisor.

Access to Health: RYME Youth Skolaz Report on PODER Youth Action

Revolutionary Youth Media Education (RYME) Youth Skolaz report on action by PODER Youth Skolaz for Equal Access to Health in the City-

No More Stolen Lives- The Po'Lice Shooting of a 19 year old over a MUNI bus transfer

Press conference was held on Monday, July 18th @ 3rd & Palou- the scene of the shooting, organized by The Idriss Stelly Foundation, Education Not Incarceration, The Bay View Newspaper and POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRe

Hunters Point is Home! – Standing Up for Ours Tours Are Launched in Hunters Point

Young African Descendent Filmmaker and visionary launches a tour to listen and support young people of color across the Bay


GentriFUKation Tours "R" US "Tours" Stolen Art & Culture @ the De Young Museum







PNN "Reality" TV Show (Pt 1)/Show "Realidad" T.V. #1

The PNN "Reality" TV Shows were created in PeopleSkool's Revolutionary Video & Theatre Action Class of 2011

PNN "Reality" TV Show Pt. 2/Show de "realidad" TV #2

All "Reality" TV Shows were created in PeopleSkool's Revolutionary Video and Theatre class of 2011


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