Pnn-Tv POOR People-led/indigenous people led broadcast media deconstructing the lies told about poor folks By Any Means Necessary!

PNN-TV: Youth Skolaz R IdleNoMore @ Flashmob in SF Mall

The yells in my ears ring my eardrums like an alarm clock (kkkkh).  Get our!  Get out!  I hear the sound of the hegemony security guards of the Westfield mall in San Francisco trying to get us out of the place on their big bullhorns. 

PNN-TV: Poverty SKolaz Speak on The Homeless Persons Bill of Rights & Fariness Act

State-wide Coalition converges on the Capitol on April 22 and 23 before Homeless Bill of Rights Hearing

Homeless communities, grassroots organizations, and advocates across the state join together to ensure the passage of the Homeless Person's Bill of Rights and Fairness Act (AB 5)

Rally Today, April 22nd 2:30-6p - North Steps of Capitol, Sacramento, California
Coalition On Homelessness Press Conference – North Steps Capitol, April 23rd 7:30 or 8:15 AM


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