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“I want the community in general to wear their rights (laminated “Know Your Rights” cards) on their chest. I want mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles, nephews, nieces, and children. I don’t want anyone left out!”


Mike Singletary Should Not Have Been Fired

I wasn’t supposed to write this article- in fact, I was actively discouraged by someone I love in the deepest way. “You can’t write an article about (SF 49ers coach)  Mike Singletary’s firing," said Tony Robles, POOR Magazine’s co-editor and dedicated fan. I just didn't understand the basic tenets of football, winning rules all, i was informed. and he wasn't "winning".

A Pre-History of Child Protective Services

Like many things that ultimately impact all poor folks, some of the first guinea pigs/victims for negative policy ideas in the bloody herstory of Amerikkka, were poor white people.  Indentured servitude and the Orphan Train were two huge examples.  After the bugs were beaten out of indentured servitude, modern slavery was invented, polished, and tweaked.

The Child Protective Services (CPS) version came after the Amerikkkan Civil War. 

Bird On A Wire: The Raven Speaks out on KRON 4's Stanley Roberts of "People Behaving Badly"

(Note: Stanley Roberts is the host of a TV segment called "People Behaving Badly" on San Francisco TV outlet KRON 4..."The News Station". The segment includes footage of people deemed to be behaving badly in real time. It includes the "Bad Behavior" of many, excluding the bad behavior of Stanley Roberts because it is assumed--by this writer anyway--that Mr. Stanley Roberts never behaves badly...ever. Enjoy)

Bird on a wire: The Raven speaks out on Stanley Roberts

Reggie's Corner Rap - Invisibility

As the year winds down to the holiday season, I look forward to the compassion and cheer that I get from the people who don't forget vendors who work hard to sell Real Change paper. They show appreciation by giving gifts, holiday cards,and bigger tips. I am thankful for their action to help.

Es tiempo de Vivienda Segura/ It's Time for Homefulness

English follows...

Tierra Robada,

Nunca debuelta,

Boronas tiradas, ya no me cae,

Generaciones construyendo planes,

Intercambio por manos llenas de codicia.


Es todo de robar,

Gringos supremacistas siempre

Sin respetar,


Dejando nos sin,

Afuera y siembre sospechosos

Listos para las mentiras de los ricos,

Somebody Else's Slave: Use of the "N" Word.

Picture credited from the book "Capitalist Nigger" by Chika Onyeani. It is featured online www.proverbmusic.net/.../

Note: The following story I’ve written is not aimed as a direct attack on ANY specific race, whatsoever. It is people’s (including my own) experience, reflection, and especially survival from a word/weapon. Historically, it has destroyed human beings.

Pacquaio: A Security Guard's Perspective

Pacquiao: A Security Guard’s Perspective
By Revolutionary Worker Scholar


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