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Black Disabled South African College Student, Kanyisa Ntombini, Talks About Student Protests On Campuses & Moore! sticky icon

(Leroy Moore’s Note:  As you know Krip-Hop Nation have been connecting with musicians/activists with disabilities around the world for years especially in Africa and Krip-Hop Nation will be touring South Africa in November-December 10th.  Leroy has been following the protests on college campuses in South Africa especially at University of Cape Town with disabled activist, Kanyisa Ntombini who have been organizing Black disabled poor students around disability justice issue on that campus.  Kanyisa recorded an update for Krip-Hop Nation & Poor Magazine.  B

College in Covid…. A nightmare of access for Poor, Black/Brown/Indigenous,Houseless/ Disabled Students in the US

Deecolonize Academy Graduating Class of 2021 - From Left: Ziair, Tiburcio, Akil Amir and Kimo 


Sweeps to Snow - Hate and Politricks Close the Only Warming Shelter in So-called Bellingham

Sweeps to Snow - Hate and Politricks Close the Only Warming Shelter in So-called Bellingham….and why we need

Poverty Skola Goes to College- And if possible can U spare One Dollar?

Poverty skola goes to college….In Case You can Spare One Dollar- link here
Poverty Skola Goes to College
Not cuz its gonna solve my poverty problems
Not cuz akkkademia will save me
Or make me


My name is Christian Sacksteder.  I am from Bellingham and am a mix breed of Irish, Native Alaskan and Lummi.  My culture is to be more open with how I feel, To help more than just my family who is in the same predicament I am in, homeless, in the struggle, Though I also have my own beliefs in the creator and the medicine hoop, I also believe in other religions.



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