Poor, houseless, indigenous Peoples Come to So-called Colorado

Poor/houseless/indigenous folks share models of  landless peoples' self-determination, Po'Lice-free land liberation, revolutionary media, and art.

When: Tour #2 July 27-August 1st   

Po' Food Kills more Poor People than Guns

Youth Poverty Scholars Investigative Team #100 - Sahara, Seven, Zosia & Sasha Findings

In Deecolonize Academy/POOR Magazine summer camp, we researched food from a local liquor store in our black and brown community. We broke into two investigative youth groups and we looked at, the healthy and unhealthy benefits in the food.

"I AM": Youth Skolaz 2013- Part 3

Jazmond Howell




Mind food




Family Club


Nature for Ever




Grogg n' Eggnog's Elite Past

Grogg n’ Eggnog’s Elite Past

Before I leave for part unknown (or hold up in my cave of convenience) I want to learn about that “white with brown spots when we make to light or deep yellow when sold in stores. I’m talking about that traditional holiday liquid Eggnog.

I don’t much about its origins except the stuff grows on you and has evolved over time and for many of us the taste of it varies.

Ronald McDonald House Poetry

Our Indigenous Peoples Media Coordinator Our Indigenous Peoples Media Coordinator, Mari V. went to Denver with a group called the Visionaries that is doing a community project with the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Denver. She along with Marjorie Davis, and Louis Chapoose (White River Ute) held Art and Spoken Word workshops. The Spoken Word Workshops are based on POOR Magazine’s curriculum of the Slam Bio. The youth also recorded their poetry pieces and make a spoken word CD.

Slam Bios are short versions of a poet’s biography

Po Scholar fund

Po Scholar fund

The Po' Scholar fund needs your help. With a donation to Po Skolah Fund you will be sponsoring youth, adults and elders in poverty resisting silencing and oppression by getting their voices heard in print, on-line and radio media

WeSearch Project

WeSearch Project

Poor people led research and pro-active media deconstructing the lies told about criminalized and mythologized communities.


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