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2011 Poetry Battle of ALL of the Sexes! (The video-Pt. 1)

The 4th annual Poetry (MMA) Battle of ALL of the Sexes for Valentines Day- was hosted by Alexandra Byerly!

Group Home Living (poem)

(Author's note: Yes KRS One used to live in a group home and in this song he mention it but he put himself there.  Its a different story when your parents put u there and you're Black, poor & disabled.)

Drive up

Like a drive thru

Car pack from door to door


It’s not college

It’s not Summer camp

No returning home

Hung, Shot & Assaulted

(The above pics are Los Angeles County Sheriff’s investigates men sexually assulting disabled women)

Hate hate hate
It seems like every day
State to state

I was profiled in New York
Fredrick hung in Mississippi
Disabled women assaulted in LA

Hung, Shot & Assaulted
Protect & Serve
Black & Blue shot shot shot

Wheelchair user with a knife
He was a threat to public safety
As a Black man I never feel safe

Getting hot in December
Nothing new in a new year
Brothers & sisters

Hung, Shot & Assaulted
Life halted
Break out your cell phones

Get everything on video

Happy PeoplesMas

Not sure what to feel


So lost in this maze of tradition

Consumer lies, pain & exploitation

Of the real


For so many years I can hardly stand it

Stood in free food lines, blanket giveaways, begging for housing crumbs, bread crumbs, and other scarcity Amerikkka lies with mama


Her desperation to be cared for, housed, safe and loved coulda killed most people

And did


And yet here I am

In this short time on earth

Intellectual Masturbation (Sex is not only physical) ( Poem)



Bring it on baby stimulate me

Not only physically

4play with the mind leads to the body



You saved our community from those Who would slay our community with impunity

Above us, you all love us. Down below you, we all love you!

In the land of displacement, the e victors are no longer victors

In the lens of racism, you made evil see itself

On a desk of a caseworker holding a pen you scripted lifetime benefits........to every single mom.......her child........anyone poor

Voices to Voiceless Villages. Punishment to every pillage of every village

No Thanks to The Man!

No thanx to the man
on this day
a lie crafted by uncle sam

no thx to the myths of
supposed pilgrims gifts
no thx to the killin
caused by so many under the lie of thx giving

No - the thx i have
is the thx for the land,
for creator-
our ancestors,
our corazons
our love....

So i have a new list-
not defined by pilgrims myths
coming from our collective lips

the thx i have is for the spirit of uncle al, mama dee

I am From

*Note from POOR Magazine Co-Editor Tony Robles


 (JULY 2009)

Power company transformers explode underground,
the city, the land, trapped beneath, is howling like
a werewolf that hasn’t had its dinner yet,
and those man-hole covers flying sky-high are just
the first chapter of a fat novel

Downtown San Francisco, zigging and zagging to
Polk and O’Farrell, the explosions sometimes
hurt somebody, turn off lights, turn traffic into


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