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feel the need for speed?
bomb, bomb Libya,
not like you worked us
over when you wanted to
bomb, bomb Afghanistan
bomb, bomb Iraq

feel the need for speed?
to make us forget
the crumbs you sweep
under the rug,
playing hide and seek
with our lives?






In Mourning and Prayer for all of our brothers and sisters, babies and elders in Japan and Across Pachamama

With the deepest love and prayers for our families in Japan and all across Pachamama...


in the eye of Pachamama's anger,

Yemaja's turmoil,

Creator's warnings,

ancestors scolding,

and corporate media lies and ongoing poison -


our hearts and minds fall into dark places,

with no traces

of hope or joy or strength to keep holding up

Cycle of Love

Continuous function is my love for you
Mathematical origins
Flowers grow to
Not to die
Seasons come and go
Yet I
Calculate the height
The growing flower
Which is love
Your soul is the seed
The soil your body
The sun is me
Seasons come and go but my love for yo!
Beauty, beauty meaning your soul
I carry with me every where I go
You my everything
This is my poem to you
Cause my feelings

La Mission/ The Mission

La Mission/ The Mission

La Mission es pa’ que nuestra gente que quede y no se aleje

The Mission is for our people to stay and don’t go away…

Ode to the Life in a Library that Uncle Al is Giving to us all...

To the life in a library
and a library in the living

to the spirits of people kept from
left from
undone by never being sung

to the dreams and schemes
of mamas and daddys
who plant deep seeds
when they teach their children to read
while they struggle to find food to eat

to ritmo y congo
y ukelele and

these beats are swimming - in a library thats living
in a library that's alive
not dead

Harpo Corleone Aka. Trent Hayward... Poverty Hero

My Name is Trent, which is an River in England. I'm The first born, of The first born, of The, of The first born, And Also 1st Fuck-up In my Family.

To Close

Monday, June 7, 2010;


To close a gap we pull together

hold it tight lash it glue it weld it

chain it nail it screw it kiss it


to close a deal we shake it sign it

pay it cash on the barrel take it

make sure you don't break it


to close a job we check it fix it

pack it sweep it detail it play it

invoice it then haul out and bless it


to close a heart we hit it slash it

POOR Press 2011 Books Released in Black History Month!

“POOR Magazine has an open door for whoever wants to enter. I feel a deep admiration and respect and also an eternal gratitude to POOR Press. (POOR Magazine) I can only say thank you to everyone who helped to write my book.” Maria Molina, Migrant Scholar and debut POOR Press Author of her newly released book, “Humble Professional.”


CREDITOR PREDATOR (from the battle Po' Student In-Debt Mama Vs Creditor Predator-2nd place 2011)

Don’t call it a come-back……I’m under attack y’all……
Creditor – Predator…..for da’ edumaKKKation…
Creditor – Predator…..for da’ edumaKKKation…
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answer machines re-playin’/over n’ over again/ creditor haterz sayin’/”aw’ hell nah’/we ain’t playin’…”


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