PO' Poets

I am Troy Davis Killed at the hands of overseers of plantations

I am troy Davis

Killed at the hands of overseers of plantations


I am Kenneth Harding

Murdered by Po’Lice for not having

2 Dollaz


Long Ago Today

Once upon a time

I was a sin

& 3/5 of a person

Something to hide



Not so long ago

Four Questions For BART: A Poem

Do I want to know if there is a bullet with my name on it?
Is there a man in a uniform with a destiny connected to me?
Will he put that bullet in a gun  and shoot me dead because
I raised my voice to ask why I am being confronted by him?
Will it matter to me that my face stares at a room full of art
resisting men like him, wearing uniforms like his, shooting
guns like his at random people like me?

On Fix Income

Paper trail

Diploma, BA, 1040EZ

Led to SSI that is real

Might be broke at the end of the month

But busy like a bee

Don’t need a time card to punch

Traveled the world

Met my girl

Dollar is not what I need

Got my section eight condo

Dancing with Uncle Sam twisted feet in the Tango

On fix income gives me freedom

Got to do what I got to do

Creative paperwork

Doctor's note & proof of income

This is work

Crossing my t’s & dotting my i’s

Reading what’s between the lines

No, Jerry Lewis didn’t heal me











Finally living back in the island

Domain that birthed you,

All you did was

Share the gift of medicine

And comfort the sick.


The very thing you loathed most

And rose against on the daily

Found its way to you.


There was no way to predict

What barged through that front door.


The Peoples Press-POOR Press 2011 collection featuring revolutionary authors in poverty

POOR Press Authors will present @ City Lights Bookstore on Thursday, July 7th @ 7pm

Review by Jack Hirschman

PNN "Reality" TV Show Pt. 2/Show de "realidad" TV #2

All "Reality" TV Shows were created in PeopleSkool's Revolutionary Video and Theatre class of 2011

For Mama Solteras (Single Mamas) in poverty and my Mama Dee...

Thank-u mama(s)
fo feeding me healthy to run fast and always see clear

without any money near


for dreaming always of mo betta even tho

u were filled wit so much sorrow


for living through evictions and endless poverty

and never giving up the dedication

to something u saw in me


fo saving me from pedophile glances

and teaching me all your ritmo and carrying my soul  through so many dances


Ocama…. Ocama – Ocama.. Pachamama (Listen, Listen, Listen Mother Earth)


Ocama…. Ocama – Ocama.. Pachamama


For all Taino of Borike'n, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Beyond


Ocama… mama


Ripped of skin

Blood and kin


Spirits and medicine

Called a sin


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