PO' Poets


new bus shelters are

energy efficient--it

is not a joke




new bus shelters give

rain more ways to make me wet!

thank you MUNI



Nelson was this big

Irish kid that lived

Up the street from

My grandma

He used to hang out

With this black kid

Named "D" who lived

Near him

Nelson’s hair was brown

And unkempt which

Made it all the more


He wore Ben Davis pants

And sometimes he’d walk

Axocoti Cintlaolli




Haiku for the Environment

Thornton Kimes/An Alleged Po'Poet/


warm up the car! we
have to massage concrete for
a nano-second




what the system did

what the system did

to me now a grown man treated as a kid

pulling me inside steady trying to get rid

forcing me in court to pay to see my kid

burnt my history soup, forgot about the lid

what the system's doing

Don't lose your music: worker scholar whose power comes from within

Tony Robles
Friday, November 14, 2008;

Time Warp

He wears a white
T shirt with a
Gold chain dangling
From his neck

Calls everybody
Homey, even the
White guys

Carries a mini
Boom box

He’s 44 years old
And has never
Held a job

He had a bad
Car accident that
Left him disabled

He now works in a
Warehouse heat sealing
Cellophane packages


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