Court Watch

Court Watch: Our Mission

An Advocacy Group for Parents Who Have Been Abused by an Adversarial Court System and/or Child Protective Services


Cosmo is a member of the Media inAction group: "POOR Parents Speak," a media organizing project of POOR Magazine. Dee is the co-editor of POOR Magazine and founder of the parents' advocacy group; COURTWATCH


The parents who wrote this piece are working with POOR magazine's, "POOR MOTHERS SPEAK" series, a writer's workshop for low-income mothers and children.

They took all my babies away from me…

Another mother struggles with the slippery slopes of Child Protective Services

Silenced mamas II

The Un-just actions of Commissioner Marjorie Slabach continues -unchecked

One poor mamaz' journey through poverty and C.P.S.

No Proper Closure

An auntie fights the system to get proper care for her emotionally disturbed niece

Letter to Paula Poundstone

A Warning About Child Protective Services

A permanent fixture of injustice: Child Protective Services

One young mother's attempt to help a friend leads to the invasion of Child Protective Services.


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