Court Watch

I'm Gonna Take Their Kingdom Down!

Mother fights Child Protective Services and The Foster Care System to get her daughter back.

Case Study #1: Ann

An outline of a familiy's struggle with Child Protective Services

Mother Loses Child Over Breastfeeding

A mother in Urbana, Illinois is ordered to get a larger apartment, stop breast feeding in order to get her son back.

Case Study #3: To Feed or not to Feed?

How Do I Help My Daughter?

Carmen's* Story

Ferguson v South Carolina

Important Supreme Court Decision Pending on Medical Privacy Rights: Mothers drug-tested without consent, then charged with abuse.

Difficult or Distraught?

The parents who wrote this piece are working with POOR magazine's, "POOR MOTHERS SPEAK" series, a writer's workshop for low-income mothers and children.

Letter to JoAnn McGuckin

JoAnn McGuckin lost custody of all six children Friday, July 13, 2001. The state has permanent custody- what will happen to JoAnn the mother without her children?


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