Sports in Resistance

The Fist of Football- Domestic Violence in Sports

SF 49ers Linebacker Reuben Foster’s February arrest for domestic violence, weapons possession and criminal threats has hit a nerve as the number of abusive athletes with “untouchable” attitudes have risen atrociously over the past several years.

Concussion Review

I'm going to be doing a review on the movie Concussion, a movie about football and the dangers of it.

You could hate or love this guy: his name was Doctor Omalu.

Weather Modification: Lockdown of Working Class People/ Notes from the Inside

Editors Note: Andre Rosemond is one of several power-FUL PNNPlantation prison correspondents.

Let's all say Goodbye to the 2012 PimpLympics


 Lets all welcome the london  Pimp- lympics


Gabby Douglas, Damien Hooper, and the 2012 PimpLympics

My heart and eyes watched young Olympian Gabby Douglas with desperation. A  painful craving that reached deep into my overwhelmed, poverty-stricken and sorrow-filled soul.


Still Shaking...The World! Muhammad Ali turns 70


(Picture: A young Muhammad Ali with his heroes Sugar Ray Robinson (Middle) and Joe Louis (R)) 


Slam dunk as hard as you can

like pushing over my man.  Slam dunk like

the wind is right behind you

guiding you where you need

to go.  Slam dunk in the hall, slam dunk

in the mall but don't forget

to slam dunk at all.

Racismo en el Futbol

Racismo en el Futbol

“Chinga tu Madre guey” Dijo John un jugador de nuestro equipo, antes de empezar a perseguir al mestizo que lo llamo Mayate/ Nigger, se empezaron a pelear a chingadasos, los otros jugadores intervinieron y los separaron el mestizo le pido disculpa a John por llamarlo Mayate/ Nigger.

Esto sucedió en un parque de futbol de el área de la bahía, pero sucede más de lo que nos imaginamos.

Poesia de la pelota del futbol/ Soccer ball poem

(Espanol Sigue)

a soccer ball as it moves on my feet like its dancing with the beat of me running it’s flying away but always comes back it dances to the song that my feet make boom, boom, tap, tippity, tap


(En Espanol)


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