Local Poverty and Resistance

Speaking as a Recycler Myself

Speaking as a recycler myself, I must say something about the criminalization and incarceration that  “houseless” or independent recyclers constantly face. 

Removed for the Mayor('s Race)

People milling by on their daily grind.  The sounds and smells of the San Francisco morning waft through the air.  I watch news crews set up their equipment in anticipation of Mayor Ed Lee's visit to the 16th St. BART station. I see a reporter rehearsing his questions--and last minute flossing--before the cameras roll. Cops patrol the sidewalks in twos, rousting the poor from the closest thing they have to a place to be, while other guys who look like secret service agents appear magically in expensive suits.

Old Face



In elementary School he was

The guy with the

Old face


That’s what we

Called him,

Old face


He was 11 or 12

But looked

About 70


He was a Chinese kid

that resembled an innocent

bystander in a kung fu movie who was

humble and industrious but got his



By Tony Robles


I miss soul music

Soul soul music

Eviction, Poverty and Houselessness in AMerikkka

“Take out what you can carry,” said one of the officers who responded to my wife's 911 call.  “We're not going to stay here all day.”

Illegal Evictions in East Oakland

Join the East Oakland residents who have suffered illegal removal from their homes on August 19th @ 12:00pm @ Oakland City Hall- Frank Ogawa Plaza for a press conference and rally for Housing justice


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