Local Poverty and Resistance

Dark Streets








Fresh and Easy Displacement

You could cut the hate with a knife. All eyes were on my fumbling fingers, unable to sign my WIC coupons fast enough with one hand while holding my 13-month-old son with the other. "Somebody's using welfare checks to pay for their food," A 20 something man in a polo shirt shouted into his phone next to me.

The 1966 Hunters Point Rebellion: The Fight Must Go On

(Editor's note: This story is reprinted from the San Francisco Bayview Newspaper, September 2011 issue.  To read other stories from the San Francisco Bayview Newspaper go to www.sfbayview.com)


The Laughing Heart

One of the annoyances about going to the movies is the advertisements one is forced to endure while waiting for the feature to begin.  It is not enough that our old theaters—majestic and elegant—have been demolished and converted into health clubs or latte stands—but the movie-going experience has become an assault on our senses, a corporate design intent on appealing to our every impulse—be it killing via the US Army or videogame—or by foods that hasten the onset of obesity, diabetes and/or high blood pressure before the age of 30.

Speaking as a Recycler Myself

Speaking as a recycler myself, I must say something about the criminalization and incarceration that  “houseless” or independent recyclers constantly face. 

Removed for the Mayor('s Race)

People milling by on their daily grind.  The sounds and smells of the San Francisco morning waft through the air.  I watch news crews set up their equipment in anticipation of Mayor Ed Lee's visit to the 16th St. BART station. I see a reporter rehearsing his questions--and last minute flossing--before the cameras roll. Cops patrol the sidewalks in twos, rousting the poor from the closest thing they have to a place to be, while other guys who look like secret service agents appear magically in expensive suits.


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