Local Poverty and Resistance

Bird on a Wire: The Raven speaks out on Occupy Protests, Facebook, SF Mayoral Race and Herman "Pizza Man" Cain

Poor Magazine: Long time no see. Where you been?

Raven: I’ve been grounded

Poor Magazine: With such a beautiful wingspan, how could that be possible?

Raven: Well, it happened. I found a laptop one day out in the open, just landed on it. I started pecking way at the keys and this thing came on the screen.

Poor Magazine: What was it?

Raven: Facebook

Poor Magazine: What do you think of it?

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Holiday Art Market & Knowledge XChange

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The 99% (That got off the bus)

I was on the #5 Fulton bus yesterday, taking in the nuances of my race (ie: the human race): the gratuitous and over modulated cell phone conversations, texting, bad perfumes/colognes and the incessant foot tapping of a guy a few feet away, occupied by music piped into his ears via a pair of white plastic headphones.  I looked at my fellow passengers.  How many were unemployed, looking for work, looking for something?  How many were barely surviving? 


Occupiers or Gentrifyers?

(photo: POOR Magazine family of skolaz with dignidadrebelde artistas Melanie Cervantes and Jesus Barraza and their revolutionary work in the background)

Who's Rosa Parks?

(Editor's note: This article was written in mid 2010.   We now share it as part of Revolutionary Worker Scholar's collection of essays)




It’s got our beautiful children

Living in all kinds of hell

Coping to survive and

Makin’ it well

Swinging together in

Misty darkness with all

No Mo' Mail for the Po'

PNN-TV coverage of the Town Hall


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