Local Poverty and Resistance

This is What Democracy (Amerikkkan Style) Sounds Like

"a text sound collage"

San Francisco, 19 Nov 2011

Occupied by BankofAmerikkka-

Occupied By BankofAmerikkka- Why thousands of poor peoples/migrant workers were left out of Bank Transfer Day


Oakland General Strike 2011

I am 10 years old and my name is Day. At 10:00 am my dad and me went
to the Oakland General Strike. During it I saw a bunch of people with
bikes and people with disabilities. There wer about a ¼ mile of tents!
A lot, right? Most of the stores were shut down for the day.

After we went to the government building but they locked us out. We
stood there, me, my dad and all the people with their wheelchairs.

Letter and 4th Draft of Revolutionary Party Platform Proposal

November 14, 2011    

My dear sisters and brothers,

In recognition of the fact that human beings are in reality one family or so-called 'race,' irrespective of our color, gender, and cultural differences, the 21st century calls for a creative, novel, and politically principled approach in the ongoing struggle for the attainment of real systemic change.

Decolonizers Guide to a Humble Revolution- A Humble Book Release Party @ Oakland Occupy (Decolonize)

Sat, 11/19/2011 - 2:30pm - 4:00pm

Saturday, November 19th

2:30pm @ Occupy (Decolonize) Oakland @ 14th n Broadway (After the Mass Labor Rally & March) Featuring Special Guests: Rebel Diaz!!! n more!

TOMORROW- Poor Peoples Decolonization ("Occupation") From Oakland to San Francisco

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Poor Peoples Decolonization (Occupation) From Oakland to San Francisco

Bird on a Wire: The Raven speaks out on Occupy Protests, Facebook, SF Mayoral Race and Herman "Pizza Man" Cain

Poor Magazine: Long time no see. Where you been?

Raven: I’ve been grounded

Poor Magazine: With such a beautiful wingspan, how could that be possible?

Raven: Well, it happened. I found a laptop one day out in the open, just landed on it. I started pecking way at the keys and this thing came on the screen.

Poor Magazine: What was it?

Raven: Facebook

Poor Magazine: What do you think of it?


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