Local Poverty and Resistance

Occupy Was Never 4 Me- (1 Yr Later)


I am the .000 25- the smallest number  u can think of in yer mind-

Didn’t even make it to the 99-

Carving a Life

(Author's note: My father, James Robles on the left, my brother Asian Robles on the right--with my sister Jade and step mother Tai)

Holes in My Shoes

I remember a few months back when I had a difficult experience trying to get a pair of new shoes.  My shoes were so worn down that they developed large holes on their soles.  This happened during the winter and often times I would walk home in the rain and ended up with nasty wet sox on my feet. With food and other expenses I did not have enough money to buy a new pair.  It was definitely a big hardship not to have enough money to travel comfortably by foot.

Operation Exterminate


The different ways that poor peoples of color are "moved" out of The City

The city that sits on water almost all alone, except it is connected but not connected in so many ways. Once you cross the Bay Bridge or the infamous Golden Gate Bridge, which isn’t gold in color but reddish orange, or travel across by ship or ferry boat. Whether you travel by rail system, bus or car you enter into a whole different world that is connected yet not connected to the United States. 


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