Local Poverty and Resistance

On the Passing of Nelson Mendela : SHU Political Prisoners in AmeriKKKa

Editors Note: Jose is one of several power-FUL PNN Plantation prison correspondents who was involved in the Hunger Strike to end all solitary confinement and the in-human treatment of all of our incarcerated brothers and sisters.


December 19, 2013

PNN-TV: Cans Not Condo's - Safeway Closes its Recycling Centers and Declares War on the Poorest

My hands caressed the edges of the Coors can – it was softer than the 211 can, almost like velvet.  And unlike the Coke, Pepsi, or Sprite cans, they were always empty when I found them. Tonight as I sorted my cans and bottles, one of the many ways this po’ displaced mama has survived through harder times, I prayed for all my brothers and sister poverty workers/ recyclers on the racist, classist streets.

La Pesadilla Americana/ The American Nightmare










La Pesadilla Americana/ The American Nightmare 

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Section 8 housing and public housing tenants at risk

Oakland - With the long lasting effects of the on-going draconian sequestration budget cuts occurring including the recent government shutdown, people in Oakland and across the nation are being stepped on, abused, and treated like a punching bag.

Fallen Apple

On Mission Street the








And watermelon are real


Apples don’t have buttons and screens

And switches and pushpads


They are just apples

With seeds

And skin and core


And there is a grocery

Abahlali baseMjoindolo Press Statement (Shack Dwellers Union)

Friday, 11 October 2013           
Abahlali baseMjoindolo Press Statement

uMlazi Update

Recyclers are being gentrified out of their jobs, economy and survival

POOR Magazine focuses on poverty in all aspects; recycling is one of them, because poor people often do recycling as a very low-wage job.


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