Local Poverty and Resistance

DeGentrification Zones (DGZ)- a poor people-led plan to take back this stolen land

(Image of a young sista-mama from the Black Riders Liberation Party at the 1st Anti-gentriFUKation DGZ bbq in Oakland)


Strengthening the Walls Between Public Housing and Affordable Housing

April 14, 2014

In San Francisco and elsewhere, the new mantra being pushed by the Mayor's office and shills for the affordable housing industry is to claim that we need to breakdown the barriers between public housing and affordable housing. This is a sham meant to bamboozle the public out of it's public housing units locally, and elsewhere. This same type of privatization scheme is occurring all across the nation to privatize our public housing, and needs to be countered by any means necessary, whenever possible.

The Houseless Folks

“They are 10,000 houseless folks in San Francisco and 30,000 vacant homes in San Francisco”

Uncle Bruce aka Bad news Bruce


Inspire by Felicia


The Houseless are always told what to do, and what Not to do

Where to sleep and where not to sleep

What time they need to go sleep and what time they need to get up

Where to eat, and what to eat

Clown Suit





I was with a friend

The other day and as

We walked down Market

Street I thought I’d

Seen the circus


6 or 7 people stood

Around and they appeared

To be wearing clown



Are those guys with

The circus? I asked


Are you crazy? My friend

Replied, those are the

Fare inspectors, they

Inspect the buses for

If you just smile

He was born in
San Francisco and
Wore a Giants cap
All the time and after
Knowing him for a few
Years I still didn’t know
If he was bald or not

He lived in the same
Neighborhood that a
Famous pro football player
Lived in before he went
On to other places

My friend
Stayed behind

He knows everything
About bikes—frames,
Chains, tubes, tires and lube

And he shows the
Neighborhood kids how
To fix bikes if they will

And once while fixing
A bike he hurt his hand,
Damaging some nerves

And a wise ass kid said,
I know how you hurt your

Pleated Baggy Slacks



The Filipino cats used

To hang out at this

Arcade on Market Street

Called the Fun Center


Most of them were in

Their teens and wore

Their hair long


Some of them carried

Radios as big as



The Fun Center had

All kinds of video



And I was Filipino too

But these guys knew

Some Filipino stuff that


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