Profiling: Stop! Put your (BLACK) hands over your (BLACK) head

On Sunday morning 1-9-11 about six -thirty AM, I left the Bread of Life Mission to sell real Change papers. As I was heading to the Starbucks coffee shop, Iwas startled like a moose by bright shining lights. There was at least four police cars shining bright lights on me.


I am.
I am enough.
It's enough that I am.

I see.
I see enough.
It's enough that I see.

I believe.
I believe enough.
It's enough that I believe.

I am.
I see.
I believe.

by C.M.Condeff, age 54
now, age 15 then.

Uncle Eddy

RIP to my uncle Eddy
he always kept it steady
and nobody s ever ready
he had a woman named Betty
she was never ever shady
he was a boss who paid the cost
even when he was homeless he'd floss
he was a man with kids across the land
from his homeland Mississippi
to out here's bay of San Fran
another man in my life who helped me know I can
he left behind my cousins Edward and Evany
they running businesses and selling things
in colleges graduating

POOR Magazine celebrates Black History Month with the Launch of the AL Robles Living Library & 2011 POOR Press Collection!

Sun, 02/27/2011 - 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Filipino Scholar, Poet and San Francisco Community Leader Honored with a “Living Library” in Black History Month

Plain Cone


 Plain Cone

By Tony Robles


Grandpa had this way

Of whistling and when I heard

It I thought of caramel corn

And ice cream


Grandpa was black, from

New Orleans and his wife

Was San Francisco Irish

But to me they were Grandpa

And Grandma


To landlords they were

Not the kind of people

You rented to


They had a child, my mother,

Don’t Let Eviction Kill More Elders

The North Beach Eviction of low-income elders must be stopped

Reggie's Corner Rap - Invisibility

As the year winds down to the holiday season, I look forward to the compassion and cheer that I get from the people who don't forget vendors who work hard to sell Real Change paper. They show appreciation by giving gifts, holiday cards,and bigger tips. I am thankful for their action to help.

I am NOT a modern day slave!


As I write this story I can now begin to sit back and recall the days when I drifted in and out of homelessness.  I found it to be very strange that one can become homeless, and even though I had been able to find gainful employment, I still found myself living in shelters. 


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