One Rent Check Away from Homelessness- Thousands of Renters Receive Eviction Notices

One Rent Check Away from Homelessness- the End of the Eviction Moratorium puts thousands of people in homelessness 

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

A beautiful day in the neighborhood


Deecolonized Un-Tour: Chief Plentywolf

Deecolonized Un-Tour: Chief Plentywolf

Obedience and Sacrifice

by AudreyCandyCorn aka SistahSaveASoul 


Landless/houseless, Indigenous Black, Brown and Disabled Youth & Family Poverty Skolaz Lead a Tour thru NorthWest Occupied Turtle Island

Poor/houseless/indigenous youth, families, and elders share models of  landless peoples' self-determination, Po'Lice-free land liberation, revolutionary media, and art.

De-GentriFUKing Mama Earth one Homefulness at a time..... How houseless/poor/disabled people are UnSelling Mama Earth for all of us

By tiny Gray-Garcia - daughter of Dee, mama of Tiburcio

Homefulness #2 @7600 BlackArthur - Deep East Huchuin 

Oakland Natives

By: Sistah SaveASoul aka AudreyCandyCorn

I remember being a little girl growing up in Oakland California the home of both of my parents


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