TODAY: Honoring our Black and Brown Youth Ancestor Warriors on Day of the Dead.

Fri, 11/02/2012 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm
(Espanol Debajo)

Honoring our Black and Brown Youth Warriors Taken out by Po'Lice, Racism, Gun Violence and Poverty through Spirit, Art, Poetry and Ceremony

It’s not about Smoking Pot, It’s about Civil Rights: Vote Yes on 502!

I was trying to stay out of this fight. I work for the struggle and a number of organizations in it. I have 3 part time jobs I’m barely juggling well enough to keep myself from being pushed back through the bloody and gnarled teeth of homelessness. I have family and friends and school. I suffer from anxiety, PTSD and chronic debilitating migraines. If I didn’t have access to my medication, I would not be able to function. Literally. The muscle spasms and nausea alone would keep me indoors and unable to move except to throw up for days on end. Days.

I Wanna Be a Macho Clam: FREE BRUCE ALLISON!!!

Macho Macho Clam….I want to be a macho clam…
Hearing the water splash in my bathtub as Bruce sang this song at the top of his lungs at 6 in the morning is and forever will be one of the happiest moments of my life. Bruce was safe. He was warm. He was happy. And his absolute genius woke me up with a song….

That’s why they want him. That’s why they want to take him away. He knows too much. He means too much. But there’s no one there to protect him. He’s an elder. No one will try to stop us. NO ONE WILL TRY TO STOP US.



Jazz Ballad Chorus


Headed for CUNY with dreams and hope


'Til gettin' swept up in Rope-and-Grope


Tuggin' down his testes on the street


Body-slammed, cursed and browbeat 


PNN-TV: Mamas Resist Po'Lice Brutality From Daly City to New York City

Mamaz Yolanda Banks and Sala Haquekyah Chandler speak in POOR Magazine's Community Newsroom about the Po'Lice Abuse of Ms. Banks son by Po'Lice in Daly City

"Fight for Freedom"

April 23, 2012

This spring, Abdullah aka “Papa Bear” came to the PNN Community Newsroom with some deeply disturbing news.

Labor Black n Brown @ Community Newsroom /March 2012

Labor Black N Brown @ Community Newsroom @ POOR Magazine, March 2012


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